Buying Local Turkeys for Thanksgiving with Healthy Living


{Disclaimer: We have partnered together with our sponsors, Healthy Living Market and Cafe, to bring you this information about their holiday ordering options!}



We love telling our readers about ways they can shop local for the holidays. When Healthy Living asked us to come to one of their turkey farms to hear more about their Local Turkey at Every Table campaign, we jumped at the chance!

Healthy Living was the first store in the area to offer local turkeys for Thanksgiving. They have been working with Adams Turkey Farm since the 80’s, where they sold 25 local turkeys off the back of a truck outside their tiny store in South Burlington, VT. Many years and thousands of turkeys later, Healthy Living now works with four local farms to provide fresh, local turkeys for Thanksgiving.


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We met the Adams family in person and listened to them tell us about their turkeys, their farm, and their family. If only we could’ve taken you all there with us on a field trip, we’re sure you would’ve loved them as mush as we did and feel equally inspired to buy these local turkeys!

This is Omar.

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Omar personally takes care of the turkeys on the Adams Farm. From the time they are babies until their time at the farm is done, he is taking care of the turkeys with personal attention and loving care. We watched him interact with the turkeys and how well they responded to him. It was amazing! What’s great about this kind of personal care on a farm is that the animals are living in a more stress free environment than those at a large factory farm. That environment, combined with the fact that the turkeys are processed on site rather than being shipped and processed elsewhere, results in an extremely high quality product.

Thanks to the demand for local turkeys, the Adams Farm is growing. They are currently making plans to build another barn and expand their flock! It’s so inspiring to hear that your purchase of a local turkey at Healthy Living is directly impacting a local farmer and his family. What a great way we can take care of our fellow Vermonter!

If you are Thanksgiving turkey fiend, purchasing a fresh turkey will change your life. You know the last minute googling and worrying you do about thawing your turkey? Is it still frozen in the middle? Will I give everyone salmonella because I didn’t thaw it right?  There’s no need to worry about those things when you buy a fresh turkey! Fresh birds taste better, benefit local farmers, and save you that annual thawing debacle. Another positive to buying a fresh bird, as Judy Adams explained, is that you get to choose the saltiness and flavor of your bird. Someone in a factory isn’t injecting it with anything you wouldn’t approve of.

These turkeys from Healthy Living are truly FRESH. As busy moms that want to feed our families well, you can’t go wrong.

You can pre-order your turkey online now through Friday, Nov 20 at 9pm on Healthy Living’s website. Turkey pick up is the two days before Thanksgiving.

Healthy Living will be supporting families in need by donating a percentage of their turkey sales to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf as well as running a food drive on turkey pick up days. Bring in canned goods to donate or purchase a pre-bundled donation package in store.

This is a truly wonderful way we can all shop local and support our fellow Veromonter. We’re so pleased Healthy Living asked us to share this with you. It really is or pleasure!




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