A Burlington Mother’s Day Gift Guide



So! Mother’s Day is coming up! (So get that card in the mail.) Here is my Mother’s Day gift guide, for anyone looking for last minute gifts for their mother (or, if you’re concerned that your partner or spouse may have accidentally forgotten, just leave the browser open to this page and problem solved!) .

  • Sunday Brunch: For some reason, moms loves brunch. I don’t know if it’s the combination of morning foods with afternoon foods, or the socially acceptable breakfast cocktails, but you can’t lose taking the woman in your life to brunch. One of my favorite local places for brunch is Sneaker’s Bistro in Winooski. Their sweet potato hash is delicious, and they have wonderful French, too. Luenigs on Church Street also offers a weekend brunch that looks amazing. I’ve only been there for dinner, but their menu is always delicious. There is also The Village Cup in Jericho (their hot coco is liked a melted chocolate bar) and Monty’s Old Brick Tavern in Williston. 
  • Candy from Lake Champlain Chocolates: This one is pretty self explanatory. Chocolate is always good. And they are right on Pine Street, so easy to get to before Sunday. 
  • Massage from Jivana Spa: I have not been here, but I have bought certificates for friends. It’s located right on Church Street and the menu of services they offer is quite extensive.  There aren’t many women, mom or not, who wouldn’t appreciate an hour or two of pure body pampering.
  • Night Out: Sometimes moms just want to GET OUT, am I right?  I love my family, and my kids, but I also love getting out without them to enjoy some adult time all on my own (though I inevitably find wipes in my purse and end up missing them).  My Little Cupcake opened up a branch in downtown Burlington and they offer a wine and cupcake pairing on Friday nights. This sounds like such a lovely way to spend a few hours with friends.
  • Gift Card to Phoenix Books: Maybe it’s the bibliophile in me, but I love books. I love getting them, but I especially love spending thirty minutes wandering aisles of them, turning pages and examining covers, until I find the one just right for me.  And, if your gift receiver visits the branch in Essex, they can take their new book and enjoy it with a pastry and a latte (or glass of wine).

The suggestions above are all local to Burlington, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a few items that required nothing more than a click of the mouse. So here are my non region specific gift ideas:

  • Weelicious: This cookbook is filled with yummy, healthy, and kid friendly (mostly) recipes. I’ve made many of these and one or two are now go to meals that I know my toddler will eat.
  • Honest Toddler:  Another book option, this one designed to make mom smile. If you follow HonestToddler on Facebook or Twitter, then you’re already familiar with the hysterically apt observations on parenting from this tech savvy tot, but if not, you’re in for a treat. HT makes me laugh on a daily basis.
  • Fracture: I got a picture printed from Fracture for John’s Father Day gift last year, and I absolutely love it. They print pictures on glass, and the result is beautiful. A candid picture of the kids, a family portrait, or a favorite location: any of these things would be great to print.
  • IPSY: IPSY is a monthly subscription of beauty products tailored to the recipient. Each month you (or your giftee, rather) will receive a package of full sized (or large samples) of make up, or hair/skin care in a travel sized zipper pouch. This is a fun way of trying out lots of high end products without having to shell out the big bucks for them. Plus, if there’s something in there she loves, each package also includes coupons for full sized versions of the products included.

Hopefully this list can give you some good ideas, or at least inspire you to find your own perfect gift. What are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts you’ve gotten (or given) in the past?




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