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Before reading this post I’d suggest you grab a napkin, tissue, oh heck, a sleeve will work just fine I guess. Got it? Good! Now I’m going to tell you about some of the yummiest burritos I’ve ever had.


 Boloco, found on Church Street, is on a mission to positively impact the lives and futures of people through bold and inspired food and practices. The people at Boloco fully believe that they have the opportunity to make the world better through what they love to do: Burritos!

Now enough of the philosophy and let me tell you some of the things that I love about Boloco:

  1.  Size Choices: Original, small and mini. Can you name another burrito company that does sizes?
  2. Flavors: Teriyaki, Thai, Buffalo, Cajun, Tikka Masala, the list goes on and on. I mean come on, have you ever had a Tikka Masala burrito? Their flavor combinations are surprisingly tasty. Not your average burrito let me tell you.
  3. KIDS EAT FREE! Did you hear that? Every Tuesday night kids eat free.
  4. Farm to table produce. All of the above and fresh, local produce to boot.

Are you still with me or are you dreaming about which burrito you’ll try when you get to Boloco? Hang in there, I’m almost done. I want to let you know that Boloco is giving away a $25 gift card to one lucky reader. That’s a lot of burritos! Be sure to enter the giveaway below.



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*Burlington VT Moms Blog received compensation for this post, but the opinions expressed are entirely our own.


  1. I also hav’t been to Boloco. I am happy to hear they use farm fresh food. Tikka masala is a fav of mine, in a burrito would be a first!


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