Confessions of a Momma…Mom Fail


Mom fail. A term that has been coined to describe a moment or event where a mom is incredibly aware of her short comings. I think us moms use this terms as a way to sort of laugh at the situation, because if we didn’t, the guilt just might overtake us or we might just go crazy from the predicament we now find ourselves in.

So here is my time for confession…3 mom fails that are burned in my memory from over the last few months.


*I decide to take my daughter to the beach. She LOVES water and we have a wonderful time frolicking in the lake and playing games. I wonder to myself why it seems there are so few people in the water, but I chalk it up to being a week day.

We get out of the water and I notice a family staring at a sign on the beach. I head over to read it and realize why there are so few people in the water. There is a warning for algae and it says no swimming for children or pets, and that doing so could cause serious illness.

Mom fail #1


It was a particularly chilly day a few days ago and we were still getting used to the temperature shift. The doors and windows were open, and Nora was in jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, so I thought she would be warm enough. I began to notice her shiver a bit so I decided to take her up for her bath and put her in her warm PJs.

By the time she was out of the bath and I was getting her dressed, she was visibly and uncontrollably shaking, and it took me about 10 minutes to warm her up.

Mom fail #2


I’m trying to complete a few tasks on the computer and my daughter is clamoring to get into my lap and play with the keyboard. In an effort to distract her, I hand her a pen. I’m convinced that since she has never been able to pull the cap off before that surely it is a safe method of distraction.

After a few minutes I turn around to see my couch has become a proud piece of artwork in the eyes of my toddler, and all I can see is the hours of scrubbing in my future.

 Mom fail #3


It happens to the best of us, no matter how good of a momma we are.

[typography font=”Delius Swash Caps” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]So, now it’s your turn mommas…what are some of your mom fails?[/typography]

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Nissa Sutphen
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  1. This happened the other day. My 7 month old daughter pooped in the tub. I wrapped her in a towel, and put her on her play mat while I cleaned and refilled it. When I picked her up a few minutes later, I found she had (somehow) gotten hold of a napkin I had left on the coffee table and had eaten about three quarters of it. All I could think about was how she could have choked. She can’t crawl yet, so I think either I knocked it on the floor when I walked by, or it was the cat. I felt terrible.

  2. I always talk about my “housewife” fails … like the time I tried to wash T’s Christmas outfit and turned a load of laundry pink … and the time I tried to make a new pasta dish and used entirely way too much salt (and my post-partum hormonal self was SO mad at my husband for telling me it was inedible) … I am sure there are mom ones, too! Oh, well I let T climb off the bed at 8 months. I was a sobbing mess.

  3. When my middle son was just learning to crawl, my husband and I both walked out of the room forgetting that we left him on our bed. BAM. Face first he went. I have pics of the saddest little carpet burned nose to remind myself of that one!


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