Body After Babies: A Letter to My Daughters


Dear Nora and Maggie,

I want to start this letter by reminding you all just how much I love you. I know I tell you all this a lot, but my words can never truly express just how much I love and cherish both of you. You both bring endless amounts of joy to my life and I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mother.

Nissa girls body after babies

I consider it a huge responsibility to be a mother as I am responsible for guiding and teaching you as you journey through life. I know that there will be many different voices competing for your ear, some honorable and good and some damaging and untrustworthy. I hope that as your mommy I can cut through some of those damaging voices and remind of you of the truth.

As a woman, it is tough living in this society that would have you believe that beauty is about being thin- flawless. But let me remind you of the truth…

Beauty is not a number on a scale. It is not a flawless complexion, or a lack of stretch marks. Beauty is not the right combination of make up or a killer pair of heels. It is not the definition of your abs or the size found on the tag of your dress.

Beauty is a gentle spirit. A laugh that is contagious and a smile that lights up a room. Beauty is a quiet confidence even in the face of imperfection. A loving heart and compassionate touch. Beauty comes in all shapes and all sizes because it comes from within.

Don’t let our society tell you otherwise. Don’t let yourselves EVER be ashamed of who you are or how you look. You are beautiful, period.

Nora and Maggie

Know that this is something that I am working on myself. Learning to love and embrace myself for who I am and remember that my beauty comes from within, no matter what a scale may say. While this is still a process for me and I am learning, please know that I am fighting to believe and live out this truth for you all because it is too important. Because I know that if I don’t model this for you, I can’t even begin to hope that you all will live life confident in who you are and the beauty that you possess.

Nissa body after babies

You both have helped me to see what true beauty is. You help me to see myself through your eyes- beautiful in spite of my “flaws”. Those flaws- my stretch marks, extra folds of skin, those 15 pounds I still need to loose- can all be reminders of the beauty of birth. And anything that was a part of bringing me you all can only be defined as beautiful.

nissa close up body after babies

So remember my little girls, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes because it comes from within. And I pray that you all will continue to grow into beautiful young women full of grace, love, and beauty that never fades.


Your mommy



  1. Nissa, What a beautiful letter. You are such a wonderful Mom! Both you daughters are so blessed to have you. Being the adoptive Mother of both a 16 and 6 year old daughter, I too stress to them that beauty is not about size. Especially for my 16 yr old. She is 5’9″ tall & a size 10. She is not overweight, however, media and magazines show models wearing a size 2! I tell her the beauty she has within is reflected for all to see.


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