Amy’s Mommy Makeover


A couple of weeks ago we gave away another Mommy Makeover as part of our 2nd Bloggiversay Birthday!  Our winner, Amy, catches up with us today to share the details of her day of pampering went. 

This is Amy:


Amy lives in Shelburne with her husband and three kids.  She is a work at home mom and owner of Amy Guidice Photography.  She loves what she does and enjoys the freedom it gives her to be able to work and be at home with the kids even if it all seems like an impossible juggling act at times.

Amy loves to cook and entertain and thinks there’s nothing better than spending an entire day in the kitchen preparing a meal and serving it to a houseful of family and friends.  She loves a fantastic glass of wine just as much as a good beer.  She’s a wannabe crafter and gardner but realizes that the idea is more attractive than the actual doing.

Oh yeah, and she’s super excited about being our winner!

…MiniSpa VT


After attending two of her daughter’s soccer games, Amy headed into Burlington for her appointment at MiniSpa.  First up was the facial, her first EVER!  Amy received the SOS facial which involves a double cleanse, exfoliation, and a mask with serums specific to her needs.  The technician said that overall Amy’s skin was good, it just needed a little extra love.

After the facial Amy received MiniSpa’s deluxe manicure.  A soak in some almond milk, and exfoliating the dry skin with the almond sugar scrub…mmmm, yum yum!  After that she got an almond cuticle treatment and sealed all of that moisture in with a paraffin wax dip.

Amy said, “Paraffin hand wax = LOVE!”

…Skinny Pancake

Here was another “first” for Amy.  First observation…the line on a Saturday at noon is no joke!  Skinny Pancake is one popular Burlington hot spot.  Fortunately she got in there before the line grew out the door and ordered a ham, cheese, apple and sauerkraut crepe and mocha breve.  Amy had to multitask her lunch between eating and nursing her “bottle refusing darling 9 month old” (her words:).  But after a quick nurse she was able to go back inside, sit at a table and enjoy her delicious crepe.



At Indigo Amy received 3 ½ hours of uninterrupted pampering (pretty unheard of moms, right?).  After consulting with an upper level colorist she and her stylist began the process of coloring all those grey hairs that she let loose since getting pregnant 19 months ago (crazy!).

This is where I want to highlight what Amy had to say in her own words:

“While this time should have been amazing, since it was the first time in a LONG time that no little bodies needed anything from me, I found myself having a hard time just relaxing.  I kept thinking about what was happening at home, what I could be getting done around the house, what were the kids going to have for dinner, the amount of work I could be getting done, and so on.  A sure sign that I needed to get out  more and do more for myself.  It wasn’t until we were rinsing out my color that I was able to just let go and relax.  I honestly think I could have stayed there getting my hair washed and ohmygoodness scalp massaged for hours!  So relaxing and just awesome!”

Amy decided to make the most of this makeover and go for something different.  So even though it’d been over 20 years she did the unthinkable and had the stylist cut…BANGS!  And while she really likes them, she’s still getting used to them 2 weeks later.




The time at Indigo ended with a makeup session, which our friend Tracy with Tracy Iandoli Photograhy, was there to capture.  After hair and makeup were done, Tracy whisked Amy outside to snap a few pictures of our winner post makeover.

…The Farmhouse

After her facial, her manicure, her haircut, color and makeup, Amy drove home for a quick change, a quick nurse, and to grab her husband for a date.  The Farmhouse Group gave our winner a gift certificate to use at any one of their restaurants and Amy chose the Farmhouse.  There they enjoyed sipping on beers and blue cheese toast…kid-free.  The perfect way to end a day!


Thank you again to Mini Spa VT, Skinny Pancake, Indigo Salon, and the Farmhouse Group!  We could not have made any of this happen without your continued support. And keep your eyes peeled, another makeover may be coming before the end of the year!


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