7 Tips to Staying Cozy During the Winter


I was born in Wisconsin, raised in Indiana, married in New York, and now settled with a family in Vermont. I’ve learned a thing or two about surviving winter while living in these various cold weather states, but nowhere has taught me more than Vermont! Here are a few tips for staying cozy during these blustery winter months!

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Invest in good gear! There is no such thing as a bad winter, just bad gear! I learned this right off the bat here in Vermont. Put cheap boots and a coat that isn’t waterproof on your kids and send them out to play in the snow. I guarantee that they will be back inside in less than 15 minutes! Investing in good gear is key to staying warm and dry in the winter weather. Don’t skimp on the good stuff. You won’t regret it! My next tip proves why…

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!  The weather isn’t going anywhere. When you live in a climate like New England’s, you may as well buckle up and enjoy the ride! You have two options, stay inside and be miserable or get out there and enjoy it! Winter can lend to some really fun activities. Get out there and try something new! Skiing, sledding, snow shoeing, building snow forts and snow men…the possibilities are endless! There’s no better way to stay warm than to get your blood pumping!

Get yourself a heated mattress pad! We were given a heated mattress pad before moving to Vermont and it changed my life. No seriously, you have to get one of these. You can turn it on before you get into bed, then, when climbing into bed it’s all warm and cozy. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. GO GET ONE.

Carry slippers in your purse. I know, total Grandma move, but when you are going to a friend’s house for dinner on a cold winter night, there is nothing worse than being cold the whole night! Simply tuck some little slippers into your purse and pop those babies on when you arrive. Another idea as the hostess is to keep a basket of slippers available for your guests! Warm toes mean warm hearts!

Lots of cuddling. When you are done being adventurous outdoors, you are gonna need to cuddle. I keep a basket of blankets in the living room for such occasions. We can often be found walking around the house draped in blankets, plopping into different spots, and assuming the cuddling position. Also, this is where Netflix comes in handy.


Remote car starters are your friend. We don’t have a garage. It’s a nightmare on those cold winter mornings to go outside and start the van. Enter the remote car starter. One click of the button and the vehicle warms up without me leaving the house.

Make the kids shovel. This is why you had kids. The end.

How do you stay cozy in the winter?



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