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Have you ever thought about hiring a doula for your birth?

A study published in 2012 showed that women who received continuous support from a doula were more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births and less likely to have any pain medication, epidurals, negative feelings about childbirth, vacuum or forceps-assisted births, and C-sections. In addition, their labors were shorter by about 40 minutes and their babies were less likely to have low Apgar scores at birth.

Doulas make better birth days. Through compassionate, evidence-based support, Lisa of It’s Thyme Doula Care, offers care and support in ways that midwives, doctors, and nurses cannot. As a doula, her only focus is on her client and her client’s partner.

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At the hospital or at home, it is Lisa’s ambition to ensure that her clients feel safe and empowered through their journey to parenthood.

Lisa’s professional background in healthcare combined with her knowledge and deep passion for individualized holistic care, informs and enhances her compassionate, non-judgmental birth services.

Lisa has traveled to all ends of the globe but has always called Vermont her home. Lisa grew up in a small town on a lake with a younger sister and brother, horses, dogs and cats, and various other critters. She now lives with her partner on their farm in Monkton, Vermont, with their two dogs, and goats.

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Birth and babies run deep in Lisa’s bones. Her grandmother and mother were both nurses, delivering babies and caring for women through the childbearing year. Needless to say, Lisa was called to birth and women’s health at a young age. As a child, she dreamed of being an Obstetrician. When it came time to choose an educational direction, Lisa chose to study Radiographic Science. This led her to a career as a Radiographer and Mammographer, performing breast health procedures, and various other women’s healthcare procedures. Through this time in her career, Lisa continued to feel her passion for birth and women’s health grow and develop.

Lisa began her doula education and career in the fall of 2011 with Certified Professional Midwife & Doula, Michelle L’Esperance of Warm Welcome Birth Services. She continues to learn from every birth she attends.  Lisa is available to attend home or hospital births in Central and Southern Vermont, but will gladly travel to assist your personal birth needs.

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What does Lisa’s Doula Support include?

  • One free initial consultation
  • 2-3 prenatal appointments
  • Access to lending library of books
  • Continuous phone & email support prenatally
  • 24 hour on call coverage for your birth from 38 weeks until the birth of your child
  • Continuous support in labor
  • Back-up coverage in the rare case that Lisa is unable to be with you in labor.  She will make every effort possible to join you as soon as possible if back-up is needed.
  • Immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support; Lisa will stay with you for one to two hours after your birth.
  • 1-2 postpartum visits

Contact Lisa of It’s Thyme Doula Care today to set up your initial consultation!

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