5 Practical Ways to Bless a New Mom


I just had our second daughter a few months ago, and I have been reminded of just how difficult life with a newborn can be. Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful experience and there is much joy in those first few months as you bond with this new little person, but it is also just. plain. difficult.

The first few weeks you feel as if you are walking around in a fog and somehow making it to the end of day only to do it all over again. Eat. Poop. Cry. Sleep. Repeat.

And then there is the fact that you are recovering from childbirth, whether it be from a natural birth or c-section. And then maybe you already have children at home that you are trying to care for at the same time. Throw into the mix that you may or may not have help from a spouse/significant other or family, and that can equal one tired and stressed momma.

I’m going to share 5 practical ways that you can bless a new mom. I’m sure there are many more, but these are things that others have done for me at one time or another and I found them to be such a blessing!

bless new mom

1. Bring a meal- this one seems like the thing that people are most apt to do after a birth. It is wonderful for a new mom, as the last thing we want to do is plan, prep, and cook a meal. We have had many meals delivered to our door by dear friends!

2. Volunteer to watch the baby- come over and hold their little bundle of joy while mom takes a shower or a quick nap. This can be such a blessing to a momma who just needs a break. We all get to that point, and babies don’t really seem to respond to our pleading and begging. Allowing a mom some time to herself is a wonderful gift.

3. Send a note, make a call, send a text- Whichever mode of communication you prefer, just let her know you are thinking about her and take the time to check in. Being a new mom can feel very isolating, and it is important for moms to know that they are not alone. All they need sometimes is someone who can just listen.

4. Volunteer to clean the house, run errands, etc.- Ask her what she needs done. If you are running to the grocery store, ask if she needs anything. Come over and clean her house. Whatever it is that she would find most useful, make yourself available to do it!

5. Watch her other children- this may not be applicable to all new moms, but if they have other children, volunteer to take them out of the house for a bit. This can be a really difficult time for siblings as they are trying to adjust to a new baby in the house. Giving them that one on one attention that mom may not be able to will be such a blessing to a new momma!

What ways have you found to encourage a new mom, or what things has someone done for you that you have found to be a blessing?


  1. Great list! I love the mealtrain.com site and use it often for friends. The one thing that I might add it to take pictures for her if she isn’t one to have them taken often. I love taking pictures of babies AND their mama! Tell her that you will come over and watch the baby while she showers and gets pretty! Then snap a ton of photos! She will be glad that you did!

    • Yes, I love mealtrain.com too! Should have mentioned that in the post as a great resource. And the pictures is a great idea! You always want pictures of those first precious few weeks, but usually mommas are too tired and in a fog to remember to take them. Great idea!


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