You Are a Role Model!


Did you make a resolution to “get fit” in 2015? How has it been going for you?

We are a few weeks into the New Year, and typically a few weeks in is when we start to see the women at our gym start to lose a little steam. It happens that we lose steam; what seemed like a good idea can get hard after a while. We all know, we’ve all been there. It’s a great time to revisit why you made the resolution to begin with and get the motivations kickstarted again.

Do you sometimes struggle with finding time to get to the gym – and worry that by taking time for yourself during the day you are taking away from your time with the kids? It’s a common concern – and even excuse. It’s true – getting to the gym on a consistent basis can be a real challenge for moms.

But know this: you are a ROLE MODEL for your family and all you do helps them to determine what is important. 

boy, boy running, yam scram
Henry, our writer Heather’s son, was inspired by his mom’s love of running and ran last year’s Yam Scram!

Going to the gym, or making time to exercise at all makes you a role model for EVERY one in your family. As moms, we are constantly thinking about, discussing and second guessing the best ways to teach our children.  One of the best ways to do this is simply through leading by example. Your children will see you struggle to reach a goal; they will know and share in your feeling of accomplishment when you reach a goal. You want to feel fit and strong and kids will only benefit from a fit and strong mom. Kids are good observers and the good examples you set will help them for years.

family, mother, father, sisters, daughters, girls, girls on the run, race
Linda’s whole family participated in the Girls on the Run 5K!

So next time you think you are fighting an uphill battle towards your goals, remember the lives that you are influencing by getting to the gym, by setting goals and by achieving those same goals. Your kids will be proud and so will you.


Written By:  Cate & Kendra of Artemis Fitness

CateKendraArtemisKendra Sowers and Cate MacLachlan are certified personal trainers and co-owners of Artemis Fitness in South Burlington. Artemis is an all-womens training center, founded 2 years ago with the intention of providing a gym designed to help women set and meet their fitness goals in an environment that is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental.

For more information on Artemis Fitness or Cate and Kendra, please click here:


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