The 2023 Year of the Rabbit Forecast According to the Chinese Zodiac


Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?” “Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.

-A. A. Milne

2023 is the Year of the Yin Water Black Rabbit 

purple drawing of bunnies in folk art styleIf 2022’s Tiger year brought us intensity and some exhaustion, then we certainly welcome 2023’s Year of the Rabbit and its good fortune, whether it comes in the form of wealth, fertility, or productivity. Rabbit years can be creative and fueled with energy, but emanate great patience and tenderness.

In the Chinese zodiac, the Rabbit is the fourth animal. In the legend of the Great Race, Rabbit was gentle and not competitive in the race, and still finished fourth! 

Rabbit can be seen in the symbol of the moon; perhaps you can see the Rabbit in the moon’s shadows where it represents reflection mixed with confidence, earnestness, and creativity. 

This year, the past sacrifices will be rewarded as the year progresses with good fortune. But you must let go of old patterns and embrace the Rabbit’s ability to be agile. Let go and let it flow!  

closeup of bubbles in waterWe understand the years of the Chinese zodiac not just by the animal, but also by the fundamental principles of Taoism- the Five Elements and Yin and Yang.

Each year is either Yin or Yang, and each year rotates through each of the Five Elements. Each Element has a color associated with it. This is why this year is not just a Rabbit year, but also a Yin, Water, and Black year.

Building on the Rabbit’s peaceful energy, the Water element brings intuition and inner peace. Water is all about tapping into our inner wisdom and trusting our instincts. It causes us to tune into our emotions, and be sensitive to those around us. 

Remember, Rabbits can hop around any obstacle using ambition, effusive energy, and skill.

General energies of the Yin Water Black Rabbit year

In the wild, rabbits must live with at least one other rabbit at all times to feel safe. As social animals, they also enjoy eating together, grooming, and lying down together to keep each other warm. Living together will make sure that they have much-needed companionship. 

2023 will be influenced by this energy, with couples coming together, groups forming, and political alliances strengthening. The development of unions and associations will be slow-forming, like a leisurely river system, but their depth will be profound. 

To escape the cold and keep warm, rabbits often find shelter in underground dens they have lined with grass, straw, and twigs for insulation. We, too, will find that there are times during the Rabbit year when we are drawn to the safety of hibernation. Although couples and groups may be forming and are very important, do not neglect the importance of alone time and independence. This deep Yin time will stir creativity this year. 

Finances in the Yin Water Black Rabbit year

Depending on your unique Chinese zodiac animal, financial forecasts will vary, but generally, a Rabbit year is fortuitous for investing and developing wealth.

Be sure to consider mother nature in your investment strategies in this Yin Water year; environmentally-conscious funding will be rewarded. Think wind, solar, and other alternative and nature-based investment strategies. Rather than striking out on your own, consider financial planning with partners and professionals this year. 

solar panelHealth and Wellness in the Yin Water Black Rabbit year

Take that Rabbit compassion you’re known for, and water yourself with it! Since this is a Water and Yin year, and water is ever-changing and flowing, we need to keep our Qi and blood flowing along with the energy of the year. This is especially true for our families and kids. 

Cue Qi moving activities like Tai Qi, qi gong, martial arts, acupuncture, swimming, dancing, and anything else that gets you and the kids hoppin’ and bouncing like a rabbit. 

Tap into the water nature of this year by taking walks alongside oceans and rivers, take off your shoes, and feel the rushing water surrounding your feet as you breathe in deeply, nourishing Yin energies. If you haven’t tried the ultimate Yin Water activity of a sensory quieting floatation tank, this is the perfect year for it.

woman floating in the water with her eyes closedSocial Spirit in the Yin Water Black Rabbit year

Another Yin year means another year of the feminine. Women’s rights, reproductive rights, and children’s access to education are all social justice movements supported by a Rabbit year.

Rabbits do not participate in fighting; rather they stomp their hind feet in protest. Thumping the back foot is a natural response to any danger they have sensed. Rabbits stand on all four feet, alert in a tip-toe position, with their ears pricked (upright). They warn others. This community spirit, speaking out when someone else is in danger and warning each other to injustices, will prevail this year. 

protesters gathering outsideMedical breakthroughs in the Yin Water Black Rabbit year

The year of the Black Water Rabbit has an opportunity to affect the population in many positive ways. 

Rabbits, as social creatures, will influence widespread medical developments, like continued vaccine breakthroughs and new medical cures. The Kidneys and Urinary Bladder organs and meridians directly influence the Water element. In Chinese medical theory, these organs affect fertility, children’s development, low back pain, knee pain. A Yin female year, coupled with a Water sign, could lead to medical breakthroughs for children’s health and pediatric medicine. Optimistic forecasting suggests that pediatric disease studies will receive generous donations and hopefully produce new cures. 

A note about the year past

Congratulations to all of us! We completed a challenging 2022 year of the Tiger. It was full of provocations, and some of us may have been a little too eager to pounce. We now collectively transition into the 2023 Rabbit year, a time to come together and look out for one another while celebrating collective achievements.

Remember, a single bunny is a lonely bunny, so get together with the energy of new and treasured loved ones, animals, or pets, and the spirit of mother earth this year if you feel off. 

“When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, But REALLY loves you, then you become Real.” – Velveteen Rabbit


Co-written by Katherine Factor


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For more information, consider a deeper understanding of Chinese Astrology with Chinese Metaphysics Career Coach Paulynne Cheng, whose lecture on January 17, 2023, with Pacific College informed some of this content. 

Disclaimer: This is intended for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee outcomes around these predictions, and you are solely responsible for your interpretation.

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