Learn to Swim at The Greater Burlington YMCA!


Summer is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to sign up your kiddos for swim lessons! The Greater Burlington YMCA has been teaching generations how to swim. They teach the strokes and important safety skills in and out of the water. They help kids build confidence, strength, self esteem, team and social skills. Their swim program begins with infants swimming with adult caretakers. Their aquatics department are the very best and they share their passion and affection for swimming with everyone. Swimming should be a life long love affair!

The Y firmly believes in building swimming skills as early as possible, starting with children as young as 6 months. This can be a super fun activity for both baby and parent or caretaker, and the Y helps to build those foundational skills and get little ones used to the water at an early age!

At the Y, swimming is so much more than learning the strokes.  They help kids build muscle strength, confidence, and stamina.  Kids develop greater self esteem and practice valuable team-building and social skills.  They also focus on safety both in and out of the water, preparing youth for lake swims, backyard pool parties and trips to the ocean.

YMCA_evan swims!

Once kids grow, they return to the Y to learn lifeguarding and CPR training to prepare them for life and often their first jobs. They truly love serving the whole family through their variety of programs!

We serve all ages, abilities and life stages. We help people reach their potential. We help people connect with one another. We help people lead healthier, happier more fulfilling lives. It all begins at birth … through age five, the most critical time in development. Our programs rise to meet the developing needs of the infants and families in our programs and that’s just the starting point. There is so much more to the Y!


Have kids heading to summer camp? Now is a great time to get in the pool and brush up on swim skills, as the first exercise the counselors often do is a swim test!

Want to hear what two of our own writer’s thinks about the Y’s swim lessons??

We love the Y!! Both my boys learned to swim with Jess Lucas and her amazing staff of dedicated instructors. Each lesson has a perfect balance of structure and fun. We make time for swim lessons at the Y every year. ~Rachel Shelley

Henry started swim lessons at the YMCA when we moved here three years ago. It has been a joy to watch him improve with every session. The teachers have been instrumental in his progress. Jess Lukas and her staff are incredible at teaching the children important swimming safety and skills all while making sure they are having fun. Ruby, our 2.5 year old is already learning and it’s been wonderful introducing her to this community as well. ~Heather Polifka-Rivas

YMCA_caps and goggles and girls

Whatever your needs are, the Y is sure to have a swimming class that will work for you! Check out their schedule and register now for their next session!


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