Xfinity – 3rd Annual Burlington VT Moms Blog Date Night, Game Night!


Our 3rd Annual Date Night at the Xfinity store in South Burlington did not disappoint! 

Xfinity – Date Night, Game Night was a hit!

Well if you missed this event this time around – not to worry, we have the crib notes for you. We love playing games but as it turns out we may have a little cheater in all of us. Check out these hot tips and videos to learn how to be smarter than your smart home.

Data use – who, how much, when, unplug…all with one app. Xfinity xFi

This is a game-changer for parents! Xfinity xFi is a digital dashboard to manage your home WiFi network and connected home. With Xfinity xFi, you can find your WiFi password, know who’s online, troubleshoot issues and manage family members’ online experiences with features like Pause and Parental Controls. That’s the skinny but you really have to watch the video and download the xFi app to take control of your home’s internet and data usage. Is someone (yeah, we’re looking at you teenagers) online too much – are their friends? Yep, you can even see visitors data usage and point out that being online together under the same roof is not actually the same as working on homework, hanging out with friends or counts as actual human interaction! 

Watch this: Quick glimpse of Xfinity xFi – a users guide. 


Xfinity Home Security and Automation – where you make your smart home work for you!

Want to know the who, what, wheres and times and all the ins and outs of your home? Oh – and do you want all of that with no touch notifications?? Yep – Xfinity has made it possible for you to easily control lights, thermostats, cameras, and even lock-unlock doors remotely! All that and a parent’s best friend; know when anyone enters or exits your home with live video monitoring. Parents can see what’s going on at home from work, on the road, while running errands or maybe just hiding out in the garage. That’s right, you’ll know when your teenager is home and can ensure they stay home! (Yes, you may see a theme here…)

Watch this: Home Security – Xfinity puts you in the know of all the comings and goings of your home. 


Voice Remote – Kids Zone – Free Games all available on Xfinity X1

Is the voice remote really that easy? The short answer is yes!

There are some free games for all ages on Xfinity X1 – just grab your voice remote and say: “Free Games”! Find Puppy Rescue, Tetris, A-Maze-ing Mac, Mahjongg, and lots more!

Want a  safe environment for children to browse, shuffle and watch live TV, Xfinity On Demand content and DVR recordings? Just ask your voice remote for – “Kids Zone”, and instantly have access to loads of material that’s appropriate for kids ages 12 and under. – Oh, and the kids can’t exit Kid Zone without you. So, make dinner, read a book and/or make that phone call knowing your kids (and their very impressionable minds) are safe.

Watch this: Voice remote and Xfinity X1 Kid Zone, it’s really that easy.


Use Xfinity WiFi Hotspots, save data and $$ with Xfinity Mobile – yep, it’s that easy!

Speaking of mobile hotspots, Xfinity Mobile might be able to save you some serious dough on your family’s cell phone bill.  Xfinity Mobile is a new wireless service designed for the way people use their phones today and saves you money.

We chatted with Aaron for a bit about what makes Xfinity Mobile unique from all other mobile phone providers. 

  •  Service – loads (& by loads we mean millions) of Xfinity WiFi Hotspots to connect to. That means that with millions of Xfinity WiFi Hotspots nationwide, and thousands in Vermont – you could be sure to be on free data nearly all the time!
  • iXfinity provides your video home security and automation, keeps your kids safe with xFi and a variety of packages to meet your needs. Why not include your mobile phone on that list? It saves you money – making things just a little bit easier for you! – yes, please! The best way to get the full skinny is to visit the Xfinity Store in South Burlington – trust me – it’s worth your time. Coming from a mom that’s saying something. 

Watch this: Xfinity Mobile – It’s about saving money and data while keeping the most trustworthy service nationwide. 


To be clear, this is just the beginning. Xfinity hosted another fun-filled event and we got the “cheaters addition” to all that Xfinity offers. Things like:

  • Xfinity WiFi Hotspots App  – Automatically connects you to available Xfinity hotspots anywhere in the country.
  • Xfinity Stream App. Lets you watch and connect from the road. Not for nothing but my family could not travel as easily and quietly as we do without it! 
  • Kids Zone – so your LO can safely search, set recordings, and more – all restricted by the age restrictions you set. 
  • xFi Pods  – No more dead zones! Extend your in-home WiFi coverage with these gifts to any busy family.
  • New Mobile Phones and Devices – Compare now to see how you can save even more money. 
  • Xfinity X1  – Get information on all packages and installation assistance. Save this question for the professionals – they’ll let you know just what you need.

We really cannot say enough about the team at the Xfinity Store in South Burlington. Take the time to stop by. I promise, they know what they’re talking about. If you’re a bit lost and you’re feeling a few IQ points lower than your smart home and you need a bit more than the crib notes, stop by, 20 minutes will go a long way towards getting your Smart Home IQ up a few notches!


If you missed this free night out – stay tuned!

You never know when the next Xfinity Date-Night, Fun-Night will pop up next.

These evenings never disappoint. Game night may just have to happen again. From Scrabble to Trivia, Boggle, to Yahtzee this night was fun-filled. We are always grateful to Love Local for all the tasty treats and libations! Adding to the fun and treats Xfinity had some impressive giveaways that made everyone smile. One lucky winner walked away with a smart TV and another with a $100 Target gift card! Everyone was a winner and left with a swag bag and family board games to take home. Can’t say it enough – fun was had by all and we’re already looking forward to our next event!


Fun gadgets to check out – and games… games… games!


Look at all those smiles! Yep – everyone left already looking forward to the next event – and a bit smarter too!


The team – thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! 

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