Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Kelly is a long time lover of all things powered by women. What better place to feed that passion than amongst a community of smart, powerful and charismatic moms! Not a native Vermonter, a flatlander from Ithaca, NY coming to Vermont by way of Mammoth, CA and Seattle, WA. Upon returning to Vermont Kathleen found her forever home in the Green Mountain State. Mother of two, Elaina and Miles, Kathleen has found her love of bringing moms together while sharing stories, advice, good and bad times. With a knack for making things happen Kathleen has been creating special moments for families and friends since she was a child. Always opening a door and adding a place setting, She makes any group of individuals, especially women do their best and be their best. Moms are better and do better lifting each other up! Grateful for the opportunity to join Burlington VT Moms Blog Kathleen looks forward to lifting the voices of this extraordinary community moms.

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