Vermont Mom’s Favorite Vermont Gifts for Kids


Vermont Mom has you covered with our 2021 edition of our favorite Vermont gifts for kids!

Littles can be the hardest to shop for. It’s easy to get them stuff, for sure. But it is much harder to find the gift that keeps working and stays popular into the new year!

We present to you three collections of gifts: “Cozy, Fun, Flare,” “Tasty Treats,” and “Busy Hands, Busy Minds.” Everything is made right here in Vermont and will be sure to bring the whole house some fun and laughter.

Cozy – Fun – Flare

Yay – a Vermont Mom collection for the kids! Our Raised Free Range in Vermont tees are everything anyone needs to know about where your family calls home. This line features modern heather colors and durable organic cotton and recycled polyester. Our merch will be your new uniform.

Like our taste? Head to our Vermont Mom Amazon Store for many carefully selected gifts perfect for anyone lost in the world of gift-giving! We have gifts for moms, dads, gardeners, athletes, kids- including a special section of stocking stuffers, and our brand new category of gifts that are made in Vermont. Purchases made in the Vermont Mom Amazon Store give us a small commission too.

Vermont winters bring with them a whole new Vermont to explore! However, nothing gets under a parent’s skin like hearing, “I’m freezing!” three minutes into any outdoor excursion. Vermont winters truly require you to go with the best. Don’t leave home without Skida’s Balaclava for kids. These head, neck, and face covers are luxuriously soft to the touch, durable, and cozy. Skida makes the gift that keeps on giving- time without whining!

Cozy is where it’s at during our brutal winters. You can’t go wrong with Vermont Mom’s long-time favorite, Danish Woolen Delight, and their organic cotton PJs. If you’re taking the baby outside with you, you need at least one set of woolen and silk base layers for babies. If you want to choose natural, you can’t go wrong with Danish Woolen Delight!

Vermont Mom Hot Tip: Want to buy gifts that will last? Shop Vermont made!

Bedtime offers up another gift-giving opportunity. Kids love all things fuzzy! The answer- our beloved Vermont Teddy Bear. We are loving their Wildlife & Fantasy selections, including the most perfect koala.

Now- what happens when you add warm and cozy to fuzzy? You get the most huggable nighttime lovey, Sloth Hugger Warmies. Warm these babies up before bed! I want one! Bonus, you can support our forever-favorite, SidePony Boutique, based out of Hinesburg. Check out their hours, because you can shop online or in person.

Tasty Treats – any kid’s favorite!

Vermont has so many delectable treats for little ones. We could have listed hundreds. Instead, we asked our kids, and mine said that they never get enough treats and why do we make them suffer?

We like hot cocoa and marshmallows on a cold day. We LOVE Lake Champlain traditional cocoa served with a side of Laughing Moon’s S’more bites. Serve yourself first, folks.

Next, we’ve chosen Vermont-made sundae additions that will bring smiles to young and old. Fat Toad Farm’s vanilla bean caramel makes any sundae night heavenly. Golden, smooth, with a lasting, rich flavor that makes licking the spoon the best part of the sundae! Or try it on apple slices. The only hard part is sharing.

Add some VT Fudge Sauce by Road Trip Food Company and you’ve got a winner. Deep and flavorful, it’s the only one in my fridge.

Finish your masterpiece with maple sprinkles and it’s Fancy Like – Vermont on a cold winter’s night!

Vermont Mom Hot Tip: For the best chocolate-covered frozen bananas, use Road Trip Food Company’s fudge sauce!

Special gifts that we love because Busy Hands Equal Busy Minds!

This collection of gifts has been so much fun to compile. Vermont crafters are thoughtful, and talented, and make just the right gifts with children, our environment, and longevity in mind.

My favorite stocking stuffer is from one of Vermont Mom’s go-to shopping spots: the Vermont Sling Shot found at Stowe Merchantile. This gift will not poke an eye out but may be fought over by parents and kids alike. Get two, set up a target outside to practice on, and get to it!

Another Vermont gem is Tiffany Lee Studios’ Wood Peggies. These beautiful peg dolls feature every face, family, and culture you can imagine. Dolls have been white with blond hair for far too long. It’s refreshing to be able to show our kids dolls that represent races, ethnicities, and cultures that are found in Vermont and around the world.

Some of the best Vermont gifts for kids are the ones that give back.

Kids love to build and see that what they make has a purpose, and if that purpose brings animals to their own backyard- bonus! The modern birdhouse kit from Sawmill Studio Designs allows kids to develop creativity and confidence. Kids will swell with pride and accomplishment when a family of birds moves in!

What pairs perfectly with the birdhouse are wildflowers. Wildflowers, bees, butterflies, and birds. The perfect backyard project! How about plantable seeds in paper shaped like flowers? This makes tiny seeds easier for tiny hands to hold. What’s not to love? Deckled Edge plantable flowers make things a little prettier, and who wouldn’t want that? Hint: this gift is great for all ages.

You can toss the birdhouse and plantable flowers into a Vermont classic, a Dog Mountain tote bag. They’ll love it all and these gifts are the sorts that build lasting memories.

Something for the whole family is the perfect ending to our guide to our favorite Vermont gifts for kids.

Created by a Vermont writing teacher, Storymatic is a game about creating stories. This game is sure to inspire hours of family fun and mountains of laughter. This may be the last game you purchase!

That’s a wrap! Sure, they’ll have other gifts and stocking stuffers- but these Vermont gifts for kids are the ones that will go the distance.


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