The Power of Boudoir Photography with Hillary Dubie, Vermont’s #1 Photographer


If you asked someone to describe boudoir photography, they would likely mention lingerie and sexy poses. And that’s not wrong. Of course lingerie can play a fun role, and sure, posing just right to create gorgeous angles and to catch the perfect light is a part of creating a stunning photo. All of this is true.

But, if you have ever participated in a boudoir photography session- you know it can be a lot more than playing dress-up. The magic in what else is captured by the camera is at the heart of boudoir photography. Boudoir photography with Hillary Dubie makes this difference crystal clear.

This is why Hillary Dubie has been voted Vermont’s top photographer for the past four years according to Seven Days readers. Boudoir photography with Hillary Dubie is spectacular, and the emotion she captures is beyond compare. She catches inner beauty, self-confidence, and raw power. 

woman with blond hair with rainbow colored ends poses in front of a bathtub in lingerie.
Photo by Hillary Dubie

Boudoir sessions with Hillary Dubie are transformational, empowering, inspirational, and unforgettable.

Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular since the pandemic. It doesn’t surprise me that I’m seeing more photographers offer boudoir sessions locally.

Even so, before I met with Hillary, I was nervous. All the typical questions raced through my mind: Do I have time to do this? What would I wear? Do I want to do this? When was the last time I shaved my legs? 

I chatted with a friend to solicit her input and she urged me to take advantage of the opportunity. Besides her glowing recommendation of Hillary’s work, she reminded me of my physical transformation over the last few years. I have worked hard to get back to a healthier relationship with my body. My friend even offered to do my hair and makeup and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. 

I arrived at Hillary’s studio in Essex at 8:30 AM, hair and makeup complete. It’s not necessary to go professional with hair or makeup for a shoot, but my friend’s help did make me feel more confident. 

Hillary’s studio offered several different backdrops for photos and music was playing to welcome me. We reviewed the outfits I brought and perused some of the items in her massive client closet. I didn’t need to worry about what to wear or to bring anything. There are tons of lingerie, robes, and other options available to borrow in nearly every size, from extra small to 6X. Hillary is a body-positive photographer and it’s her joy to show everyone of every size how gorgeous they are.

Boudoir photography with Hillary Dubie is intentionally accessible for everyone and Hillary’s compassionate, joyful touch is evident in everything she does.

woman with blond and rainbow hair lies on a bed in lingering posing for boudoir photography with Hillary Dubie
Photo by Hillary Dubie

We discussed my objectives for the session and Hillary asked me if I had any concerns. Hillary reminded me that if anything made me uncomfortable to stop and let her know. Throughout our 45-minute session, Hillary skillfully directed me through a multitude of poses. It’s sort of odd trying to pose but Hillary’s guidance was entertaining, clear, and easy to follow. I started to understand the angles she was looking for and was able to imagine how she was going to use the light.

Some may think it would feel awkward being mostly unclothed in front of a stranger with a camera focused on only you. It wasn’t though. Hillary is a master of her craft. We chatted throughout the session and she provided constant feedback to let me know I looked beautiful and things were perfect. There was little chance for self-doubt to set in. 

As the session progressed, my confidence grew. I knew what was being captured and each click was a recording of my unique power as an individual. I felt like my efforts to reshape my body were being recognized and celebrated. 43 years of life, including the birth of two kids was documented in each single frame. My inner beauty was shining through with full force. I felt it.

We used a variety of props in the studio including a bathtub full of flower petals, a velvet couch, the ever classic bed, and a frosted window. We seamlessly moved from area to area and back again. Each setting had its own vulnerability and sensuality showcasing a different side of my personality. In some moments, I was soft and delicate, and in others, hard and dominant. I was fully myself in every image.

Woman in front of a frosted, back-lit window while doing boudoir photography with Hillary Dubie
Photo by Hillary Dubie

As we wound down the session, Hillary checked in with me to make sure there weren’t other poses I wanted her to capture. Honestly, I’m not sure any could exist. Hillary even explained when she was capturing some detail shots along the way! Before I headed out the door, Hillary let me know when my gallery would be ready. 

Within 48 hours, I had a link to my gallery. Hillary took more than 100 photos which made it challenging to narrow them down to my favorites. Seeing the array of facets of my personality throughout the photos was marvelous. My raw power was captured in my expression. Power I can decide to use at each moment. Photos have a special way of capturing what you can’t see otherwise. What a gift this session was. 

I can understand how much of society sees boudoir photography as something you do as a gift for your partner. While I know some may do a session with the primary motive of satisfying their partner, I found it to be an incredible gift to myself. As a mother, wife, and business owner, it is easy to lose sight of myself as a person. Seeing myself in those photos reminds me that I am unique. I am powerful. I am beautiful. Everyone deserves that reminder. I hope you find a way to get yours. Boudoir photography with Hillary Dubie is an excellent start.

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The Power of Boudoir Photography with Hillary Dubie, Vermont's #1 Photographer

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