Why I Over-Share


If you follow me on social media, you have witnessed my deepest, darkest problem. 

I like to over-share.

It’s true. I tell all. Even if you don’t want to hear it? I tell it.

I was thinking about this recently when my Uncle replied to a Facebook post about my son’s dire need to poop on a road trip with “Thanks for sharing that.” His comment made me laugh because, seriously, who needs to hear about that? It’s true! But yet, I share it.

There is a reason why, though. I am not just that into myself where I think everything that happens in my life is so doggone hilarious that everyone needs to hear about it. (Ok, maybe I am little bit.) Mostly it’s because I feel like someone out there has got to have experienced these things before.

I can not possibly be going through this crazy life as a Mom alone.

It makes me feel better to read stories like Heather’s that I can laugh and totally relate to and I imagine it makes many of you feel better to read about the crazy stuff happening in my day to day life too. Even if it is to say, “Boy I’m sure glad my life isn’t like hers!”

Laugh with me, laugh at me, but for goodness sake, laugh!

So the next time you read a tweet (only follow if you dare, Twitter is an over-sharer’s dream) that tells all about one of my children’s latest pee disasters, don’t run away screaming. Embrace the beauty that is motherhood over-sharing. And join me. Because I want to hear about your disasters and triumphs too. Motherhood is a crazy, disastrous, beautiful ride. We may as well all scream, laugh, and cry together!



  1. I love this Tasha. I completely agree with your last few statements, and have found it some comforting to hear other momma’s over-sharing stories and know that I am not alone!


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