Who Needs Makeup?


I admit that I like makeup. I was probably a little too excited when I found out we would be getting a Sephora in Burlington. But, when I agreed to write a post as part of the Week Without Makeup series, I did it knowing I’m not the kind of girl who wears makeup everyday. This post isn’t about the challenge of going a week without makeup (something I do pretty regularly), but about why I don’t feel the need to paint my face to leave my house.

Playing at the park with no makeup.
This is me with about as much makeup as I ever wear.

Now, it might be that I am just incredibly lucky. I married an amazing man who tells me every day how beautiful I am. And granted, I wear less makeup now than before I met him (this may coincidentally be related to being a mom and not having a typical, outside the home job anymore as well), but I never wore a ton of makeup in the first place. I have always been more likely to throw a little foundation on if I’m having a problem skin day than anything else. If I’m getting really fancy, I might add in some mascara and eyeliner, and that’s generally it. On my wedding day I wore blush for probably the only time, ever. However, having someone tell me I’m beautiful regularly is probably the confidence boost that would take the place of the one I might get from putting on makeup. And isn’t that all that makeup really does for us anyway? When it comes down to it, it’s all about how confident we are in ourselves and our appearance.

One of my favorite pictures with my son. I am wearing no makeup.
One of my favorite pictures with my son. Again, no makeup.

I suppose by my standards that would make me a pretty confident person. Although it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, the more I think about it, the more true it sounds. That being said, I don’t have a magic phrase that will instill confidence into all the readers of this blog. I don’t know what the trigger will be for anyone other than myself. But, the only person who can really do anything to change our image of ourselves (even taking into account sweet husbands), is ourselves. Most issues we have that hinder our confidence, with ourselves and our appearances, we can legitimately change, without the use of makeup. So maybe we should try that first.


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