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As I think about how best to introduce myself, the words, “I have 4 daughters” usually escape my mouth before I can even stop them. Is that who I am? What defines me? Maybe. Partially. I am learning that there is more to me. Digging deeper, I slowly begin to recognize what makes me Kate. What makes me not-just-a-mom. Can anyone else relate?

Hi there! I am so happy to be here. My name IS Kate and there is so much I have to share about being a Mom. There is more to me than my parenthood, although that is what led me to this fantastic opportunity to meet other Moms & to share my experiences. My hope is that you are able to find something to relate to while here . We are all connected on this journey called Motherhood.

I am a third generation Vermonter, born and raised here, as are my parents.

I grew up in the small town of Bristol, with my two older brothers and many aunts, uncles & cousins. Family has always been an important part of my life. Every summer my extended family would caravan to a beach town in Maine, renting nearly all of the little cottages in one spot.  My cousins were some of my best friends & I couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

I didn’t stray too far from home after high school, although I did take time to be a nanny in Connecticut while I figured out which direction I was headed. After my year away from home I decided that I had seen my fill of traffic and enough of NYC to know that ultimately Vermont was where my heart was. I enrolled in college to become an early childhood educator & attended for a couple years before marrying my hometown sweetheart and starting our family. A career was put on hold so that I could fully focus on my new, exciting job of being a Mom. I haven’t looked back since February of 1999, when our first daughter was born.

Ten months after that my husband and I bought an auto repair garage in Hinesburg, where he had been working for several years already. Occasionally I would pack up our baby and drive up to work in an attempt to pay the bills and do the bookkeeping. I was extremely fortunate that she had such an easy going disposition that allowed me that time.  We welcomed our second daughter the following November and realized that we were outgrowing our cute little rental house.  We purchased a home in Bristol the following summer and enjoyed a year there before we were blessed with a third daughter. Just when we were beginning to synchronize with the rhythm of being outnumbered, we discovered we would be be expanding (& I would be expanding), yet again, to accommodate a fourth to the mix.  We couldn’t imagine how we were going to give 4 children an adequate amount of attention, but I knew we had more than enough love to go around.

Life with the girls has been better than I could have ever imagined. They are each unique as can be while a thread of similarities runs through them all.


My oldest daughter recently turned 15 and can be found happily behind the wheel of our huge SUV, asking if the other cars can tell it’s her (a new driver). Our 13 year old is an avid reader, among other splendid things, and is the peacemaker among her sisters. Then there is my 10 year old. Anyone else have a fourth grader?  Need I say more? The often instigating, but customarily easy going third child. A pony loving girl and a good friend. She is pure delight with a side of torture. Our youngest has been independent from the start. She is the “I can do it myself” girl and while she inhabits the body of a small 8 year old, she has the presence of someone significantly older (to the point of being scary, but that’s another story). She has been dragged along to all of her sisters’ activities for the past eight years and tells me she is ready to just stay home alone. She can “handle it”. While I don’t doubt that, I’m not ready to let go of my baby. 

Among the many activities our family enjoys, horseback riding has led us to having 4 horses. We also have one lone chicken remaining. She has become a member of our family, having moved from the coop to the barn with our horses. We are also dog lovers, and I am passionate about animal rescue. We recently decided to adopt our foster dog, a southern belle from South Carolina. She fits right in with our 2 boys and they all make us smile every day.

I am extremely excited about having been invited to join this blog and the wonderful group of women already here.  It combines two of my biggest passions in life, writing and parenthood. I cannot wait to get to know our readers and I hope to be a resource for anyone with questions or concerns about raising daughters, or about having a (somewhat) large family.


There is nothing off limits with me. As I am in person, I am open to any and all conversations about life, as Moms and as women.

I am here to give you love & support! 


[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Written By:  Kate Heath[/typography]

KateI am a native Vermonter, born & raised in Bristol, where I met my husband. I began studying Early Elementary Education but marriage & starting our family kept me from pursuing a career in teaching. I have worked with children for as long as I can remember, from teaching preschool to most recently having my own in-home child care business. I enjoyed that for 4 years before deciding to go back to work with my husband at our auto repair garage in Hinesburg and being mom when my kids aren’t in school.

My husband and I have 4 daughters, Celia (15), Olivia (13), Katie Ray (10), & Sarah (8). They are each as unique as could be and I couldn’t be happier to have daughters.  My girls are active in lots of activities, which means I am, too!

We have 4 horses & one chicken, along with 2 extremely tolerant dogs & a foster dog from South Carolina.
I enjoy swimming, walking & hiking when I can, being with my horses, and am a shelter animal advocate, passionate about dog rescue. I also enjoy taking pictures, reading & writing.


  1. I’ve been waiting for your blog Kate! Wonderful way with words….I’m looking forward to reading it on a regular basis! You have 4 jewels there…and they are lucky to have such an involved momma! <3


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