BVTMB Warmly Welcomes New Co-Owners, Kathleen and Jemima


While Kathleen and Jemima know it will be impossible to duplicate the dynamic work and community building done by Josilyn and Tasha, they are so excited to have the opportunity to work with our team of extraordinary and brave BVTMB writers, local moms, and families throughout the state.

Kathleen and Jemima share a passion for social justice, women’s empowerment, gourmet cooking, and discovering every hidden gem our gorgeous state holds. They love pick-your-own, farm stands, burger nights, local musicians and artists, and maple breakfasts. Both ladies are committed to Vermont moms and are thrilled to see where this new journey takes them.

women cookingJemima and Kathleen met in the hardened back alleys of the Essex Junction Park and Recs Department baby playgroup. Their girls, barely toddlers at the time, promptly ignored each other in what can loosely be called “parallel play.” The moms, starved for adult conversation, talked so fast and vigorously at each other that laws of physics may have been breached. Dolphins rejoiced at their sonic melody and a deep friendship took root.

Years later, Kathleen’s son was born. Suddenly, Kathleen and Jemima felt the need to hit the road and go on lots and lots of local road trips. Exploring Vermont, gourmet cooking, swim lessons, and a shared love for playdates where children entertain themselves drew the two women together.

children on a couch

One fateful night, Jemima and Kathleen volunteered to judge The Moth Grandslam at the Flynn. Both women, passionate and opinionated, found themselves locked in respectful yet heated battles over decimal point disagreement in scores. If their friendship could handle the pressure of judging, plus plenty of road trip map errors, and years of pre and post-baby hormone fluctuations, the women realized that they had something special: an enduring friendship and a shared vision that could take them places, perhaps by way of a circuitous route. They are both fully committed to exploring and enjoying every detour this circuitous route takes them.

women, friendsWhen Tasha and Josilyn announced that they were ready to transition away from BVTMB ownership, Jemima and Kathleen were ready to step in. And the rest is history.

It is essential to note that Kathleen and Jemima are profoundly grateful for the mentoring and training that Tasha and Josilyn have provided them. Jemima and Kathleen are also so appreciative of their team of writers, both old and new, who make the blog as real and engaging as it is. Finally, they are both grateful for the local sponsors and businesses who understand that moms really do make 90% of household decisions and are a demographic that needs the easiest, the best, and the most cost-effective services

women gathering

It is with deep gratitude that Kathleen and Jemima step into their new roles as co-owners of BurlingtonVT Moms Blog. Kathleen is responsible for advertising, guides, and events, and Jemima will manage social media and editing. Both ladies can be contacted using their first names 


  1. I just knew that baby playgroup group of moms was destined for greatness. Your babes were “so much older” than mine, walking and talking and all as my newborn slept for nearly 20 hours a day. He woke up when your girls “graduated”. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

  2. WOW! Can anyone submit info for publishing on the blog? This is too good to miss… and what a network of great women. Does anyone have an Instant Pot recipe book? Can we please learn the secret of why you have so may women elected in your legislature? And, when can you go national? I need something to distract me from national news and embarrassing Presidents!


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