Vermont Wooden Blocks: The Absolute Coolest Blocks Ever!


{Disclaimer: We are working with Vermont Wooden Blocks to bring you this information. However, all opinions are our own!}

Recently, the blog writers were given the opportunity to win a set of Vermont Wooden Blocks and I jumped at the chance. I knew right away that these would be a huge hit with my 5 year-old son, MJ, who loves to build, so I was super excited when I was selected to test the gorgeous, unfinished blocks. These locally handmade, wooden blocks are truly a gem. Founder, Bob Pinsonneault, founded Vermont Wooden Block Company in 2016. He cuts, sands, and creates every single block in his Bennington, VT home. He sources local White Pine wood. He uses the wood chips and dust that is produced as compost or he gives it to local farmers for bedding for chickens.

The Vermont Wooden Block system is made up of unique (Patent Pending) interlocking blocks that fit together to create endless building possibilities. Standard pieces include the #1 (12”) blocks, the #2 (20”) blocks, the #3 (28”) blocks. Longer blocks are also available. The small end blocks (4”) can be used to create turns and openings, such as doors and window. Wide, flat top blocks can be used for capping off buildings, or for stools to sit on.

Check out this video to see how Vermont Wooden Blocks are made!

Bennington Made // Vermont Wooden Blocks

Episode #7 of 'Bennington Made' takes us to the home of Robert Pinsonneault, founder and CEO of Vermont Wooden Blocks. Here he takes raw wood and makes high quality building blocks for people of all ages! Think of them as Lincoln Logs on steroids – take a look and see for yourself! #BenningtonMade #Bennington #Vermont #CATTV #PEG #PublicAccessTV #CommunityMedia #Blocks #VermontWoodenBlocks #VTBeginsHere

Posted by Cat-tv Bennington on Monday, October 3, 2016

Although we didn’t review these blocks in a preschool setting, we think they would be awesome in a classroom because of the endless possibilities for play.

Kandice shares:

We loved these blocks, and the building possibilities they offered were literally endless! Our family loves nature and we really try to cultivate that in our daily lives, so the fact that these blocks are made from locally-sourced, natural wood was a huge plus. My son loves building garages, towers, and seats with them. He also likes to incorporate them into his other toys, by making ramps and bridges for his train and car tracks. I had fun teaching him how to fit the blocks together and then see the new and creative things that he wanted to build with them. The blocks reminded me of the Lincoln Logs that I played with as a kid. These will become a classic heirloom toy that will provide many years of fun!

Ashley Shares:

These blocks are great! We found so many fun and interesting ways to play with them. I really feel like they helped MJ tap into his imagination and come up with creative play ideas. On the first day we opened them, he created an entire “band” with the blocks and had a jam session with the Moana soundtrack! Later that day, he built parking garages and ramps. Another day, he created a “store” out of a cardboard box and was selling blasters and thermal detonators to Star wars characters. One of his favorite things to do with the blocks is make a seat or a play area. He did wish there were more large flat pieces so he could make a couch!  I think these blocks would be perfect for ages 18 months and up (when babies aren’t putting so much in their mouths.) While my two year-old daughter, C, loved clicking them together and carrying around the smallest size block, she also thought the small block made a great teether- but due to the soft nature of the wood, she was able to actually bite a piece off! MJ called the blocks jumbo Lincoln Logs and really enjoyed creating structures using every piece in the kit. 

We loved these blocks so much that we are THRILLED that Vermont Wooden Blocks decided to offer our readers TWO exclusive deals! First, Vermont Wooden Blocks just created a new starter kit which normally retails for $35. This smaller collection of blocks is perfect for people who want a chance to try them out or have a smaller space. And if any of our readers mention “BurlingtonVT Moms Blog,” they can receive $5 off this awesome starter kit (pictured below) making it a $30 investment!

 Vermont Wooden Blocks are so much fun!

Secondly, by mentioning BurlingtonVT Moms Blog, anyone can save 10% off their first order of any regular priced block sets! To redeem this offer, please email Bob at [email protected] or call him at 802-447-8360. Please note that this offer is good until June 31, 2017. To see more make sure to check out Vermont Wooden Block’s facebook page!

So the real question, what are you going to build first?



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