Vermont Mom’s 15 Most Popular Posts from 2020


2020 was quite a year, amirite?

While many of us are eager to get this year of violence, unrest, and a new extra-dangerous version of an everyday coronavirus behind us, we aren’t quite there yet. 2021 has started with more of the same: racial violence, increasing numbers of Covid infections and deaths, and mounting political tension/social division.

That said, we have two FDA-approved, safe, and effective Covid vaccines being distributed, with more in the pipeline, and the election season will finally come to a close with the inauguration of the new president on January 20, 2021. For now, we have to buckle down, continue practicing social distancing, and wear our masks. The end is in sight, folks, and let’s continue to work together to keep Vermont safe.

Let us take the lessons we painfully learned in 2020, and use them to make life better in years to come so that this sacrifice, struggle, and grief mean something more than a wasted year.

Winter Rainbow by Matthew Marshall
Photo by Matthew Marshall

2020 has been an eventful year for our team at Vermont Mom too! In February, Vermont Mom owners Kathleen and Jemima traveled to Orlando, FL to participate in a meeting with our 80-plus City Mom Collective Sister Sites at Walt Disney World. In May, we rebranded and changed our name from BurlingtonVT Moms Blog to Vermont Mom, to better reflect the audience we serve and our community. We have planned and canceled numerous events, from our annual holiday pictures with (or without) Santa, to Bloom, our event for new and expecting families, to our summer Family Fun Day. The last thing we want is to host an event that gets any of our friends or family sick with covid. Canceling events has been a hard choice both financially and for our spirits, but like all parents, we know when to say no and call it a day. We can’t wait to run events again for you in the future. We miss you!!!

One thing hasn’t changed, and won’t change: our drive to provide you with relevant, genuine parenting perspectives.

Our team of brilliant and compassionate Contributing Writers shares their wins, pitfalls, and any embarrassing moment that might make you laugh. We write not just about our parenting experiences, but also about our areas of personal and professional expertise. To that end, we are proud of the dedicated work we undertook to create and share accurate scientific information about Covid throughout this pandemic. This year we have also started sharing more personal, brief microblogs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. These microblogs are unique to social media and have been extremely popular. Microblogs give our team a chance to vent, celebrate, and be real.

Did you know Vermont Mom is on every social media channel? You can follow us anywhere!

Vermont Mom Team
Photo by Luann Bailey

Vermont Mom is a community of Vermont moms and Vermont families. We are your friends, your neighbors, and your trusted source of parenting information. As always, our goal is to bring together moms, dads, caregivers, grandparents, and friends with each other and with businesses that meet and surpass our standards.

Without further ado, we would like to present our top 15 most popular posts of 2020. Please join us in congratulating our dedicated team for all they do. Our Contributing Writers are our Vermont Mom superstars!

Counting down from 15 to 1, here are our 15 most popular posts of 2020!

15. Dog Owners! Please Put a Leash on Your Dog! A Parent’s Plea by Meredith Gordon

14. For Your Quarentinainment: 5 Shows to Binge Watch While Stuck at Home by Julie McNulty

13. Pandemic Grocery Shopping with Children, in 26 Easy Steps by Amanda

12. I Gave Birth During a Global Pandemic: Birth in the Time of Corona by Katie Miller

11. School Drop Off: Why Does it Feel Like I’m Back in High School? by Meredith Gordon

10. Death Talks with My Four-Year-Old by Julie Peoples-Clark

9. An Acupuncturist’s Top Six Ways to Improve Your Fertility by Kerry Boyle

8. The Unexpected Sweetness of Teenage Boys by Natanya Lara

7. Homeschooling in Vermont: The Hows, Whens, and Whys to Get Started by Ashley DiMercurio

6. Choosing Adoption as a Path to Motherhood – From Infertility to Adoption by Karen Stewart

5. Low Milk Supply? 5 Tips From Chinese Medicine to Improve Lactation by Kerry Boyle

4. How to Survive A Vermont Winter: Tips for Newbies by Amanda

3. Your Top Questions About Parenting a Child with Albinism, Answered by Katie Miller

2. Social Distancing for Family Units: What Does This Really Mean for Me? by Mario Trabulsy

1. The Threat of COVID-19: Why It Matters to You Even If You’re “Low Risk” by Mario Trabusly

And that’s a wrap on 2020! It feels really great saying that.

We would like to thank all of our Contributing Writers for their vulnerability, brilliance, patience, humor, and most of all- for their unique and powerful voices.

Vermont Mom's 15 Most Popular Posts from 2020


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