Vermont Christmas Tree Roundup: Where You Can Buy the Best Tree


Are you new to Vermont and wondering where to get a freshly-cut Christmas tree this year? Or maybe just a live one, even if it is pre-cut? Or maybe you have always had an artificial tree but want a change?

decorated Vermont Christmas tree

Either way, I was in your shoes once. I grew up in New York State in a household with an artificial tree in our living room. Once I was married, my husband and I started out using a two-foot-tall aluminum tree that had been in his family for years due to space constraints and sentimental reasons. Once we moved into a house, however, I decided that I really wanted to try having a real Vermont Christmas tree. I’ve never looked back.

It is my pleasure to share this list we’ve compiled of some great Vermont Christmas tree farms. The information here is everything you need to find your perfect Vermont Christmas tree!

So, where does one go when they are in search of a real Christmas tree in Vermont? Obviously, it will vary a bit depending on where you are in the state. I’ve divided the list into farms by county. Also, note that there is information later in this post about cutting your own from a Vermont State Forest! Check it out!

Vermont Christmas tree farm

Chittenden County

White’s Tree Farm, Essex, and Jericho, VT

2022 Update: Opening November 25th!

A very popular tree farm in Chittenden county, White’s has two locations; one in Essex and one in Jericho. You might want to call ahead – just search them on Google, to see which location(s) is/are open! (A few years ago, they opened only one location while replenishing trees in the other location). In the past, they offered Balsam fir, Canaan fir, and Fraser fir trees. You can either borrow one of their saws and head out into the field to cut your own tree or you can pick a pre-cut one from the display near the entrance of the field. Either way, there are always plenty of trees to choose from. Enjoy a free hot chocolate when you check out.

Purinton Maple and Tree Farm, Huntington, VT

2022 Hours: Opens November 25 at 12pm, Continuing weekdays from 12:00pm-4:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays 9am-4:30pm.

2022 Prices: All trees are $60 including tax.

Another popular tree farm in Chittenden County, Purinton’s grows about 14,000 trees on 14 acres of land, according to their website. You’ll have plenty to choose from! Hand saws are provided for cutting and sleds are also available. While you’re there, pick up a wreath or kissing ball, or choose from a variety of maple gifts.

Handy Hill Farm, Williston, VT

2022 Hours: Opening November 25th from 9am-4:30pm, Open Saturdays and Sundays 9am-4:30pm and weekdays by appointment only after the 25th.

Follow Handy Hill on Facebook for further updates. They offer both Balsam and Fraser Fir trees. If you are looking for a tree on the taller side, they are known for having many larger trees.

Isham Family Farm, Williston, VT

Update for 2022: Opening Friday, November 25th! Open weekends only after that.

Isham Family Farm in Williston is a year-round local business that sells cut-your-own Christmas trees during the holiday season. Email or call them (802-872-1525) for additional details!

Chapin Christmas Tree Farm, Essex, VT

Historically, Chapin has specialized in very tall trees (mostly 10- 13 feet). Call ahead and make an appointment to purchase here (802-871-5353).

Upper Meadow Tree Farm, Underhill, VT

2022 Hours: Opening Friday, November 25th from 10am-3pm. Then on weekends only (including 11/26 and 11/27) from 10am-3pm.

Come choose one of their trees, grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Upper Meadow provides saws and free tree wrapping at your request. Enjoy a warm drink while you’re there!

Aldrich Tree Farm, Richmond, VT

2022 Hours: Opens on November 25. Monday through Friday 12pm-4pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm until they are sold out.

Aldrich Tree Farm has about 6,500 trees of varying heights. They provide saws and toboggans if needed as well. In addition, they participate in the Trees for Troops program- just ask how you can take part!

Growing Vermont Christmas trees

Franklin County

Larry’s Tree Farm, Bakersfield, VT

2022 Hours: Open 7 days a week starting November 19th, 9am-5pm

2022 Prices: Cut your Own Trees are $50

2022 Pictures with Santa by TK Photography on 11/26, 11/27, 12/3 and 12/4 from 11-2

Larry’s offers both cut your own and pre-cut Balsam and Fraser Fir trees. After dusk, only pre-cut trees may be purchased. Wreaths, kissing balls and maple syrup are among other items to buy for the Christmas season at Larry’s.

They also have a tree donation program for Bakersfield families; from November 19th, 2022 through December 5th, 2022, you can make a donation by phone (802-730-4627) or contribute to a donation bucket housed near their registers.


Cut down Vermont Christmas tree

Addison County

Russell Farm, Starksboro, VT

2022 hours: Opening on Friday, November 25th from 12pm-4pm. After that open weekends from10am-4pm and Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm-4pm until December 11th.

Want to immerse yourself in holiday activities for an afternoon? Book your appointment at for a 30 minute horse-drawn ride to get a Christmas tree for $85 (tree included). Or cut your own in their South Lot or buy a pre-cut; both of those options are $50. Don’t forget to check out their maple syrup selection before you leave, too. Handmade garlands are also available, but you must call ahead to order (802-453-2208) or email them at [email protected].

Werner Tree Farm, Middlebury, VT

2022 Hours: All of their choose and cut fields will be open on Friday, November 25 through November 27th from 10am-5pm. They are also hoping to keep all of the fields open on December 3rd and 4th from 10am-5pm. On weekdays, the main farm only will be open for choose and cut.

2022 Prices: All cut your own and pre-cut trees between 6′ and 8′ are $60. Taller trees and table top trees will be individually priced. Trees up to about 9′ can be found in the field. You must pre-order trees 12′ and over.

Werner Farm is special because they offer a wider variety of trees than most tree farms in Vermont. You can find Balsam Firs, Canaan Firs, Fraser Firs, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, and other mixed and exotic types of trees.

Two centerpiece design classes are slated to be held in December and Werner Tree Farm will be holding a Solstice Party on December 21st with Adventure Dinner. You can find more details on the Solstice Party and buy tickets here.

Vermont Christmas tree on car roof

Washington County

Sunnybrook Farm, Middlesex, VT

2022 Updates: Sunnybrook has not updated their Facebook page or website with current information just yet! Call ahead if you’d like (802-229-4184).

Sunnybrook Farm is located in close proximity to Montpelier. They grow their Balsam Fir Christmas trees without using herbicides. According to their webpage, they were the only farm recognized by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, “As selling Vermont Organic Farmers Certified Christmas trees” in September 2016. Follow them on Facebook or send them an email for more information.

Meadow Ridge Farm, Middlesex, VT

2022 Hours: Saturdays and Sundays between Thanksgiving and Christmas from 9am-4pm.

According to their Facebook page, they sold out of Christmas trees on December 4th last year, so I’d recommend you go early in the season if you want one from Meadow Ridge! Meadow Ridge provides saws to cut your own trees and will shake and net your trees for no extra fee. They also have a selection of pre-cut trees to choose from and offer free coffee, hot chocolate, and homemade Christmas cookies, so take advantage of that during your visit!

Vermont Christmas tree branches

Lamoille County

Paine’s Christmas Trees, Morrisville, VT

2022 Hours: Paine’s opened on November 11 and will be open from 9am-5pm every day!

According to their Facebook page, they are still working on growing their fields back to capacity, so they are stocking an abundance of pre-cut trees and encourage you to check them out.

In the past, pre-season tree tagging was allowed at Paine’s, and many people did it. You may want to contact Paine’s this year to be sure it’s still an option. Baling is included in the price of the tree when you cut your own. Can’t make it to the farm? You can order a freshly cut 6 to 7-foot tree and/or (a) wreath(s) to be delivered right to your door! Just be sure to order by December 12, 2022, or you’ll miss out on the possibility of delivery!

Children in front of Vermont Christmas tree

Northern Vermont Llama Co & Christmas Tree Farm

2022 Hours: Starting on Friday, November 25th, they will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-5pm. Dogs on leash are welcome.

2022 Prices: Choose and Cut Trees are generally $50

Located in Waterville, VT, this farm has a variety of sizes of trees for you to cut down as well as a stock of pre-cut trees you can choose from. Kissing balls and some wreaths are also available on site. Garlands and/or wreaths can be pre-ordered to pick up or you can have a wreath shipped directly to someone special! While you’re there, visit their holiday gift shop, watch the trains run through their Christmas villages and visit their llamas!

Rutland County

Winslow Farms, Pittsford, VT

2022 Hours: Starting November 25th, they will be open Fridays – Sundays 10am – 4 pm.

The majority of trees at Winslow Farms are Balsams. They have trees up to 10 feet tall and provide saws and sleds.

wreath made with greenery from a Vermont Christmas tree

Orleans County

Moffatt’s Tree Farm, Craftsbury, VT

2022 Hours: Beginning November 25th, open daily from 9am-4:30pm until Christmas Eve. Dogs on leash are welcome.

2022 Prices: $6 per foot.

Moffatt’s carries variety of sizes of Balsam and Fraser Firs. Can’t wait until they open? You can go and pre-tag your tree per instructions on their website so you can come back and cut it when they open for the season. Moffatt’s also sells maple syrup, so buy some gifts while you’re there!

Cut Your Own: Vermont State Forests

Everything you need to know about this is here. There are a lot of guidelines, so read this entire link to be sure you are cutting and transporting your tree safely and with respect for the environment. Also, note that permits to cut trees are only issued during the month of November, so hurry if you plan to try this!

How Else Can I Buy a Real Tree?

Of course, there are always tree sales on the sides of the road. They crop up everywhere. The Boy Scouts have some local spaces and some farms rent out local gas station parking lots to try to sell their pre-cut trees. True Value and many other stores also sell pre-cut trees.

I hope you head out there and have a great experience finding a real Christmas Tree this holiday season!

I’ll leave you with some tips to help your real tree last longer:

  • Fir trees generally last longer than spruces.
  • After sawing a few inches off the already cut trunk bottom, soak the tree in water before bringing it inside, if possible.
  • After your tree is inside, saw off a couple more inches (this probably means you should cut a long trunk for your tree to begin with).
  • Keep your tree away from radiators and fireplaces as best you can.
  • Water your tree every day.
  • Use low heat decorative lights; LEDs are best.
  • Run a humidifier, if possible.
  • Some people suggest adding aspirin or even Sprite to the tree water, but this is not something we know a lot about.

Deer ornament on Vermont Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays from all of us at Vermont Mom!


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  1. Christmas tree sales at Rene’s in Milton, VT support Milton Youth Hockey, Cub Scout Pack 43 and Boy Scout Troop 631 🥰 Shop local and support some amazing youths 🎄Win win! And the kids work the stand and learn so much by interacting with their community and learning to “Earn Their Way”🥰 Thank you to Milton & all of our surrounding communities for your continued support year after year. A Milton Tradition and staple every Holiday season🥰🥰 Plenty of Beautiful Trees left!
    105 River Street Milton, VT Hours: M-F 4-7pm, Sat & Sun 10am-6pm


    I’ve known the Bishop family for over 3 decades. They live on a 5th generation Vermont farm that works hard for their customers. I have visited in person and received fresh trees in the mail that lasted longer than any I have ever purchased anywhere else.

    Every tree was planted with love.

    I hope you add them to your top 10 list, located in Springfield, VT.

    Ithaca, NY

  3. Don’t forget about the Llama farm on Lapland road in Waterville! Most scenic mountain views, hot cider, electric train setup, and you can visit the llamas in the barn!


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