Turning 40: How I Plan To Enter This Milestone Year


Before turning 40, there are many things I want to accomplish.

Birthdays come, and birthdays go. Some people ignore turning another year older, others celebrate with birthday fortnights. It seems the bigger milestone birthdays are hard for some to get through. I enjoyed turning 21, turning 30 happened 4 months after my first was born so that was exciting, and all others have been… fine. August 2018, I am turning 40.

speed limit 40
I refuse to slow down

A friend told me the other day that turning 40 is our “halfway” point. Say WHAT? I had never thought of it that way, but it definitely got me thinking. When I look back on my first 40 years, I have lots of happy memories, sad memories, and loads of everything in between. While thinking about embarking on my last year of my 30s, I decided there are some things I would like to do before entering, potentially, the next half of my life. I thought in order to keep me accountable and to appease my love of lists, I would come up with 40 things to do before turning 40.

A turning 40 bucket list, shall we say. How do you plan on celebrating your next milestone birthday?

Turning 40 Bucket List
Turning 40 Bucket List
  1. Drink more water, work up to a gallon a day
  2. Attend a workshop on grant writing
  3. Take a girls only trip… girlfriends, not my daughters

  4. Try a clothing subscription company
  5. Learn to use our lawn mower- I mean, my husband gets a solid 2-3 hours without the kids every time he mows, and I want in on that gig
  6. Learn how to harvest fiddleheads
  7. Spend more time with my mom and sister
  8. Reconnect with an old friend
  9. Learn how to knit
  10. See Amy Schumer LIVE
  11. Attend church on a more regular basis
  12. Read 40 books of my choice

  13. Finally, kick my nail biting habit
  14. Take a hot yoga class
  15. Invest in a great facial cleanser and lotion
  16. Ski intermediate, blue square trails, not novice green circles
  17. Make more time for my husband
  18. Get my eyesight checked
  19. Complete 40 random acts of kindness
  20. Cut my screen time in half
  21. Take more deep breaths
  22. Hold a plank for at least 5 minutes
  23. Floss more
  24. Have fresh cut flowers around the house, especially during the winter

    Turning 40 bucket list #24
    Fresh Flowers
  25. Have a will made

  26. Buy ONLY local for one month
  27. Learn to style my daughters’ hair
  28. Volunteer
  29. Work out for 30 consecutive days, at least 30 minutes a workout
  30. Try oil pulling
  31. Venture into the world of essential oils
  32. Make and STICK to a grocery budget
  33. Finally lose the last, gulp, 20 pounds of baby weight
  34. Send more snail mail to friends and family
  35. Get massages on a more regular basis
  36. Have more play time with my kids
  37. Get a makeover to learn how to apply makeup

  38. Get rid of all clothes that don’t fit
  39. Participate in the book group I belong to, but have never attended

I recognize this is a long list, and some of these will be combined, while others may take me some time to achieve, but I look forward to spending more time on ME while embracing myself as a 40-year-old mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

Have an idea for my turning 40 list? Please share and I will pick one idea to add to my list.

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I was born in California, and moved to Vermont when I was two, so I consider myself a native Vermonter. Married to one heck of a guy, Kelvin, who deals with all my crazy shenanigans and almost always goes along with my off the wall ideas. We live in Jericho with our two daughters, Munashe age 9, and Kuziva age 5. In life before kids, I worked in the non-profit sector working in public schools with children and families. These days you can find me chauffeuring, playing, cooking, gardening, attempting to run, cleaning or spending time with family and friends. Family time is key, and we strive to have as much play time as possible. Traveling, skiing, hiking, swimming, and eating maple creemees are some of our favorite activities. Personally, I love setting goals, writing lists, reading, gardening, organizing and dreaming of far off lands.


  1. I love your Turning 40 List and my hope for you in this final year of your 30s is that you accomplish it all. I’d be happy to take you to a hot yoga class :). Love your posts. I also think you could add selling a kombucha line.

    • YES please, I would love to join you for a hot yoga class, it would turn out to be a comedy class for you, thats for sure!! Thank you for your sweet support, I appreciate it, and you!


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