Top Ten Ways to Use Coconut Oil


TOp TenIf you’ve been in any moms group online you probably know that along with breast milk, coconut oil is often suggested as a cure-all for many things! No matter what the question is, it seems like coconut oil is the answer! This could be called 101 uses for coconut oil. After talking to many moms, I asked myself, what can’t you use it for?!

Do you have a tub of the stuff in your pantry but haven’t even opened it? Well, it’s time to get on board.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature but melts easily in your hands or the microwave for larger amounts.  So what’s all the hype about? Well, it’s loaded with healthy fats that nourish the body, it has a long shelf life and has MANY uses in the home.  You don’t have to take my word for it! I talked with dozens of Moms and here’s what I found are the top ten ways moms are using this awesome oil.

  1. Deodorant – One mom reported that when mixed with a little baking soda it makes an effective natural deodorant!
  1. Personal Lube – Yup you read that right. Several moms reported that Coconut oil makes a great natural lubricant. Users beware, it is not safe to use with condoms as it breaks down the latex.
  1. Carrier Oil – All those essential oils you keep hearing about? Coconut oil is a great base for them! I melt a little oil in my hand, add a drop of essential oils and rub it onto my wrists for instant aromatherapy relief. As a busy, often stressed out mama, I especially love to use it with citrus oils.
  1. Pet Care – This one surprised me! Did you know coconut oil is good for your pets too! Add 1 tsp to your dog’s meals to promote healthy skin and coat. It can also apparently help your pets with any itching from seasonal allergies. One mama reported it even has reduced the amount of shedding from her dogs! Even cats and bunnies can benefit from coconut oil to help with hairball control.
  1. Hair – Massage a tsp or two of warm oil into your hair and leave on for a couple hours wrapped in a towel. Then wash it out and get the conditioning benefits of coconut oil. It’s also believed to relieve dandruff symptoms on the scalp.
  1. Face – Several moms reported using coconut oil as a makeup remover and even a facial cleanser! It also has an SPF of 4 and can be used as a natural sunscreen.
  1. Body –  Coconut oil is an excellent Moisturizer! Massage it on hands, feet, and body to provide your skin with the ultimate experience in pampering! You can also make your own sugar scrub and use it in place of a chapstick on you lips. It is reported to help heal cuts and soothe bug bites.
  1. Pregnancy –  Massaging oil onto the growing baby bump can help soothe the skin and maybe even help with stretch marks! It’s especially nice when you add a drop of lavender essential oils. Another mom reported that using it for perineal massage help her to not tear during the birth of their child! Also, one mama used it to help her heal from tearing and stitches after the birth of her baby.
    Think we have enough?

    Think we have enough?

  1. Baby – ALL things baby! Seriously! There are so many uses for coconut oil with littles.  After having C, she had medical tape stickiness from being in the NICU. Guess what took it off? Coconut oil!! It’s helpful to treat cradle cap and diaper rash. It’s lovely for baby body massage! We keep a tub of it right on our changing table! And it’s a gentle nipple cream for mama during those early breastfeeding days.TOp Ten (1)
  1. Cooking – The number one thing mama’s are using coconut oil for is cooking and baking!! Stove top popcorn, brownies, blended in coffee, and stir fries are just a few of the ways you can use it in the kitchen. We’ve almost entirely replaced all other oils with coconut oil in our cooking. You can put a tsp in your morning smoothie, or in your dinner time rice, chocolate chip cookies, pie crusts, the list goes on and the possibilities are endless!

 So put a jar in your kitchen, a jar on the changing table and a jar in the bathroom, so you’ll always have coconut oil when you need it!

What about you? How are you using coconut oil?





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