Nine Over the Top Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party


When it came to finding out the sex of my babies, I found that I enjoyed waiting until birth to find out much more than finding out ahead of time. However, not everyone feels the same way.

I think we’ve all seen the Pinterest links and YouTube videos depicting common gender reveal party methods. The internet is plastered with families revealing whether pink or blue balloons pop out of a cardboard box or if a cake reveals a blue or pink middle at their gender reveal party.

Lately, however, I have noticed that people seem to be getting more creative. Or maybe crazy? At the very least, they’re very ambitious. Even if you hate the concept of the gender reveal party, you cannot deny the lengths some people are going to to tell everyone they know whether their upcoming bundle of joy is a boy or girl.

I decided to peruse the internet and find what I believe are some fun and funky ways people are revealing the gender of their upcoming arrivals to share with you today.

(DISCLAIMER: I have never tried and am not endorsing any of these products. I’m simply giving you some ideas based on what I’ve seen people do and some internet searching. I have no knowledge about how effective or safe some of these products are. It is up to you to do your own research before you decide what you’d like to try).

1) Fireworks

Yes, you are reading that correctly, fireworks. Have an evening party and launch some pink or blue. They sell boxes of pink or blue only fireworks to help you throw an explosive gender reveal party. A quick Google search will pull up a few different brands. They also make sparklers for this purpose. Just make sure to check your town and local area laws regarding where and who can detonate them, if you need a permit, or if they are altogether illegal in your area. Also, check for noise ordinances in your area. Take safety precautions. It’s also a smart idea to enlist a friend who is experienced with setting off fireworks to help you.

pink fireworks for a gender reveal party

2) Volcanoes

Not exactly high volume pyrotechnics. However, it may be a more acceptable form of explosion if your geographic area does not allow for fireworks. Throw a luau-themed gender reveal party! Don’t forget to take a luau-themed picture with your exploding volcano and you have instant gender revealing entertainment. All you have to do is add food coloring when making your run-of-the-mill science fair volcano to make your lava pink or blue.

3) Colored water

I recently watched this gender reveal where a fire company assisted one of their own in this endeavor. At their gender reveal party, the firefighter father-to-be and his wife held the fire hose as his colleagues changed the color of the water from clear to pink. In June of 2017, this video was posted showing a particular color of water exiting an irrigation system. Now, I am not suggesting you should hijack a fire truck or fiddle with your neighborhood fire hydrant, even if you have fire station connections. I am also not suggesting you borrow your neighbor’s farm equipment without asking. However, using these ideas, I have no doubt that you could figure out how to make blue or red water come out of your yard sprinklers at your gender reveal party.

4) Flash Mob

Are you a dancer? Do you have friends who can dance with you? Throw a party, make it look like you’re going to do the “balloons-out-of-a-box” trick even if you aren’t, then randomly do a pre-choreographed dance with your friends. You can reveal the gender of your baby during your dance by: dancing only to songs about girls or only about boys, hide a shirt that says ‘it’s a boy’ underneath yours to reveal at the end of the song(s), pop a balloon filled with pink or blue confetti in it, or throw open the cover of the balloon box after all at the end.

5) Via Airplane

This is probably the most over-the-top, expensive, way I have found to reveal the gender of a baby on the way. There are a few different ways you can do this. You can have a crop hopper expel colored water. You could have a sign fly overhead that says ‘It’s a ____’. I have also seen planes expel colored smoke or people come up with creative ways to reveal while skydiving with a crowd of friends and family below. With a bit of money and a little creativity, I’m sure the possibilities are endless.

6) Gender Reveal Smoke 

You can do this without having an airplane. Colored smoke bombs or smoke grenades are available specifically for this purpose. You decide where and how you want to set these off. They make for some pretty good gender reveal party pictures, though, judging from my internet searches.

7) Silly String

This is low key compared to all the other possibilities up to this point. The parents-to-be can spray it at each other and take a picture, or have party guests spray it at them. Better yet, if the new arrival has an older sibling, let them do the honors! It can be messy but not as risky as fireworks.

8) Water Balloons or Water Guns

This seems like another great way to involve children expecting a younger sibling. You could put pink or blue paint inside the water balloons before popping them or throwing them at a canvas outdoors or at each other. However, I really liked these instructions for using cornstarch, water, and food coloring to fill the water balloons instead. Supposedly, the cornstarch washes off your body more easily than paint. Throw the water balloons at the parents-to-be in white shirts, or maybe at a white blank canvas.

water balloons for a gender reveal party

9) Gender reveal powder

Load this pink or blue powder into specific gender reveal party cannons. If you’re not into cannons but are more of a sports enthusiast, they sell baseballs and other sports balls that open so you can put the powder in them before throwing them at something or hitting them with a bat to make them explode into color.

Throwing an over-the-top gender reveal party is not really my style (a simple dessert worked for me). However, I think it is fun to see what kind of creative methods others come up with. If you’re expecting, then hopefully I gave you an idea if these types of activities are of interest to you.

Would you use any of these methods at your gender reveal party? Or do you prefer to go low key? Or maybe not at all?



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