Thrift Stores – Searching for Second-Hand Treasures


Thrift stores are such fun places to explore!

Especially when it’s raining and I have nothing else to do, shopping at thrift stores is a great way to get my family out of the house. I love finding bargains! My kids are always amazed at how the inventory changes so much each time we visit a certain store. I always feel good when I purchase something at a thrift store because that item doesn’t end up in a landfill and I haven’t wasted materials by purchasing something new. Here are some of my favorite things to find at thrift stores.


I love finding furniture at thrift stores. You can find some really eclectic pieces as well as classic, timeless pieces. You may need to put a little work into your new furniture, but I enjoy the chance to personalize things to my own taste. Also, my children and dog are very hard on furniture. If I didn’t spend much money and the piece already has a few scratches, I don’t worry when my family adds to the damage. No coaster? No problem!


Thrift stores are a great place to find clothes, particularly for my growing children. Some of the clothes are even brand new, with the tags still attached. Don’t forget to look for shoes, too! I really enjoy finding items that would have originally been more expensive, such as boots. Thrift stores are also chock full of all kinds of accessories, such as neckties, necklaces, and scarves. They are also the best place to find pieces for costumes. Just let your imagination soar!

Games and Puzzles

If you’re looking for board games, check out the thrift stores. They usually have a huge selection for bargain prices. The last time I visited, one store had a whole stack of Trivial Pursuit games available and they were on sale for 50 cents. Thrift stores also tend to abound in jigsaw puzzles, a pandemic favorite.

Craft Supplies

Crafting can be a very expensive hobby. Thrift stores can help with that! If you like to knit or crochet, you can pick up large bags of yarn for cheap. There also tend to be unopened kits as well. On my last visit, I picked up a latch hook rug kit. If you like to sew, you can often pick up fabric and patterns secondhand.

Small Appliances

If you’re not sure how much you would use a small appliance, pick one up for cheap at a thrift store and see how it goes. I’ve seen things such as slow cookers, bread machines, and pressure cookers. I’ve even seen a towel warmer before. When I buy something at a thrift store, I don’t feel bad if I rarely use it. After all, I didn’t pay very much! If you find that you love a certain item, you can always upgrade to a fancier model and pass on your thrift store find to someone else.


Thrift stores are treasure troves for dishes. Are you looking for a punch bowl? You’ve got multiple options! You can find beautiful plates, glasses, and even trays. Sometimes there are entire sets of matching dishes. Other times, there are single pieces. If you like to be creative and mix and match your dishes, thrift stores are your best friend. It’s also fun to let your kids pick out their own special dishes.

The next time you’re looking for something to do, head to the thrift stores and start searching for your next treasure!

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Thrift Stores - Searching for Second-Hand Treasures

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