Thank You Social Isolation, for giving me my family back!


What’s the one thing that you hear so many stay-at-home mothers complain about? Social isolation. What’s the one thing that has helped me branch out in the world? Social isolation.

Seems funny, I know. But let me explain. Before my son was born, I HATED having to meet new people. I hated talking on the phone with anyone and really enjoyed the core group of comfortable friends that I had. Do you know what would happen if we wanted to have a pizza delivered? My husband would call it in and when the door bell would ring, I would run and hide, leaving my husband to pay and interact with the delivery man.

I know… pathetic right?

But that was my life and I was completely happy with it… I thought.

My son came along and there I was on my own during the day for long stretches of time. A newborn with no social skills what so ever and a mother who had let hers atrophy. That core group of comfy friends? They were all at work. My husband? Yup, work too.

Suddenly something began to happen. The phone would ring and I wouldn’t even look at the number before answering it. I simply picked it up and said hello. I was so desperate to talk to another adult, I didn’t care who was on the other end. A telemarketer? A stalker? A perverted stranger? Sure, I’ll talk to you, Tell me all about your day as a stalker, please. Was it a good day today? Did you score those used napkins out of the trash bin outside her house? You did? Good for you!

Woman at the grocery store with her kidsTrips to the grocery store became wonderful too. I would strike up conversations with the people behind the fish counter and people cashing me out. Something I would have rather melted into the floor than do before my son was born. People became something to interact with and not fear. They became life lines and not nooses pulling me down.

One of the best things? I started calling my family more. I started calling my sister, brother and mother more. I was so interested to hear what was going on in their lives and realized that like my social skills, I might have let my relationships with them atrophy as well. Something that still makes me sad to this day, but, thanks to my son, I’m working on changing.

Social isolation can be a tough road for the stay-at-home mother, It was for me at first. But over these past two and a half years, I’ve come to realize that it’s not a road that I need to walk. In fact, my life and my son’s has become so much richer and fuller since choosing to take the road less traveled by.


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