Meredith Gordon

Meredith Gordon
Meredith Gordon is a stay at home mother of two from Shelburne, Vermont. When not making huge mistakes in parenting and marriage, you can find her around Burlington performing stand-up and doing random weirdness on her Instagram @imakeyourparentinglookgood. She is beyond overjoyed to be a writer in the company of such amazing women.
I suck at socializing

We All Think We Suck at Socializing: My Path to Finding Out an Epic...

Okay Meredith, even though you suck at socializing, let's give it a go. Oh God, they’re talking about wine… I don’t know anything about wine. Shoot. Okay, just nod your head and wait for...
my scar

My Love/Hate Relationship with My Appearance or Me and My Scar

Many people have a love/hate relationship with their appearance. Mine really began when I was around eighteen years old. In 2001, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life, aside from taking...
children with bikes

Teaching Our Children to Ride Bikes: A True Test of Patience

So here we go, another parenting milestone. Teaching our children to ride bikes. I’m excited for there to be a four capacity bike rack on the back of our car. I can’t wait for...
Kids watching television

I’m a Movie Geek Mom: We are Proud Television Owners

Before I had my son, as in, when he was kicking my bladder and making me rush to the bathroom every five seconds, I dreamed of a life with him, where we baked bread...
Love All Your Kids' Differences Before They Have a Chance not To

Love All Your Kids’ Differences Before They Have a Chance not To

The other day I took my son in for a doctor’s appointment. He checked out fine and when we were leaving, the doctor asked my son if he wanted a sticker, and my son...
couple on social media

A Social Media Vacation: Why I Probably Won’t Be Going Back

My family had been practicing social or physical distancing for two months. My hobby of performing stand up comedy had come to a screeching halt and I found myself, as many other people did...
woman doing a plank

My Doctor Can’t Make Me Lose Weight: My Body My Choice

A few months ago, I felt like I had my first real adult doctor’s appointment. I’m currently 37 years old. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had doctor’s appointments my whole life, but this...
crying woman

Postnatal Depression: I Still Get Triggered Seven Years Later

I have two children ages five and seven and a half. So, why am I reacting to the sound of a random stranger’s baby crying by gripping my shopping cart with white knuckles? Because...
mom with kids

An Empowered Woman: It Means More than What You Do for a Living

The other day, I scored big time at a local consignment shop. I got “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls,” for a mere $4! This amazing book usually sells online for $35! Yay, consignment! I...
Why I Love Those in Nursing: A Quitters Perspective

Why I Love Those in Nursing: A Quitters Perspective

Before I started college, I never really thought much about the profession of nursing. But once I hit twenty one that all changed. I was one of those early twenty-year-olds that every parent hopes...
dog on leashes

Dog Owners! Please Put a Leash on Your Dog! A Parent’s Plea

Dog owners, I’m going to predict right now that some of you will hate me after reading this. In fact, I can feel the anger from all the way across my internet. But you...
autism spectrum shirt

An Autism Diagnosis: The Path can be a Lonely One

One of the hardest times for me as a parent was the year that my son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. It wasn’t due to the fact of his autism diagnosis, but...
drop off and pick up sign

School Drop Off: Why Does it Feel Like I’m Back in High School?

I suppose it was stupid of me to think that all of the self-doubt I felt would end the minute I walked across that stage during high school graduation in my cap and gown. I...
father holding daughter as baby

Grief Acceptance: The Final Stage Is Different than You Think

I remember thinking that if our lives are like novels, a series of chapters with characters coming and going. If my life were a novel, the chapters that had my father living in them...