Ten Things I’ve Learned from my Six Month Old Daughter


My daughter is only six months old, but she’s already schooling me.

six month old

Here are ten things I’ve learned from her already:

1} Face plants are all part of the learning process and nothing to cry about.

2} Timing is everything. This includes pooping, peeing and vomiting.

3} If you can’t quite reach your goal, get on all fours and launch yourself at it. More times then not, you’ll get it.

4} The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but the wheel that screams, cries and throws things gets the grease, the alignment and the rotation.

5} Sometimes having a little cuddle is the best way of falling asleep.

6} Baby rice cereal looks and tastes like wood chips.

7} Seeing the world facing forward is a lot more fun than seeing it with your back to it.

8} You can learn a lot about how to move through life by watching someone who is older than you.

9} If the clothes are clean and warm, then all is right with the world.

10} Time goes by way too fast to learn all we need to from our children.


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