Stocking A Medicine Cabinet Naturally


I’m a bit of a crunchy momma. I’m definitely not a full blown crunchy momma but when it comes to stocking my medicine cabinet, I definitely prefer the all natural route.

Overall our family tends to be relatively healthy and has been lucky enough to fend off any major illnesses in the last few years. But now with Nora going to school two mornings a week I have definitely found that the need to boost our immune systems is MUCH greater.

So what do I reach for when I feel a cold coming on? What about if my little one has an ear infection or a cough starting to settle in? Here are my tried and true all natural remedies that we use regularly in our household.

Natural medecine

[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Ear infections: Garlic Oil[/typography]


This all natural remedy has worked wonders for us on several occasions. Nora was diagnosed with an ear infection and instead of going the antibiotic route I decided to use this garlic oil with mullien. Within a couple days the ear infection was gone! We have yet to use an antibiotic for an ear infection with Nora. I got the garlic oil pictured above at City Market in Burlington but I’m sure you can find something similar at any of your natural food and health stores.

[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Coughs: Natural Chest Rubs, Eucalyptus Oil, Wild Cherry Bark Syrup, Honey Infusions[/typography]

Cough remedies

Nora came down with croup for the first time about a month ago. This was her first real cough and it was definitely scary for this momma! I used a combination of things to boost her immunity (I will share more about this below) as well as the items I listed above. The chest rubs can be applied directly to a child’s chest (as long as they are 2 or older) and on the bottom of their feet. I found these at City Market and Lunaroma in the South End.

I also used a lot of Eucalyptus Oil which helps open up the chest and airway. I used several drops in a diffuser and in their humidifier so it would disperse throughout the room. If you don’t have either of these you can also put some on a wash cloth and lay it over the side of the crib (just make sure that baby or child can’t reach it).

Wild Cherry Bark Syrup and the Honey Infusions from Ariel’s Honey Infusions were great to help soothe the cough. Nora took both really well without any issues. We just made sure we had water ready for her to chase down the syrup. The Honey Infusions we just put in a bit of chamomile tea before bed time and she drank it right up.

All of these remedies seemed to work remarkably well considering her croup lasted about a day and a half!

Maggie also came down with a bought of bronchitis after her sister’s croup episode. You have to be a bit more careful with what you use on a 6 month old, but we found that using the chest rubs on her feet along with the eucalyptus oil in the diffuser helped tremendously!

[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Rashes, Bumps, Bruises, Burns, Bites, etc: Herbal Salve[/typography]

Herbal salve

Herbal salves are wonderful because they can be use for SO many things. Diaper rash? I use it. Burn? Yep! Insect bite? Relieves the sting. Dry and cracked skin? To the rescue! It really does it all. And we use lots of it! I have several different kinds but this one from Mountain Rose Herbs is one of my favorites.

[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Colds and General Immunity Boosting: Probiotics, Fish Oil, Vitamins, Essential Oils[/typography]

immunity boosting

There are items that we take all year round to help keep our immune systems strong to be able to fight off any illnesses. We all consume probiotics, fish oil and vitamins from the Garden of Life brand. I love this brand of supplements as they are made with whole foods which are able to be metabolized by the body much more efficiently. The picture above is their kids line of products that my daughter loves. Seriously, she asks for her vitamins at least twice a day if not more. The fish oil is a chewable with a raspberry flavor. The probiotics you just mix into water, juice, applesauce, etc. And the vitamin is also a chewable. The hubs and I take the same thing, just the adult versions 🙂

essential oils

We also use a lot of essential oils, especially if we feel a cold coming on. We have diffusers that we fill with various oils with antiviral properties such as eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, or clove. We also have an immunity blend that I got from Lunaroma that is a roll on. The whole family uses this to ward off any sickness and we use it liberally if we feel a cold coming on. It is best to apply it to thin areas of skin (such as your wrists) or on the bottom of your feet (this is what we do for both girls). For those of you reading this that aren’t local to VT,  doTerra makes a similar product called On Guard that can be used to boost your immunity.

OK so what natural remedies am I missing? What do you love to use?


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  2. This was really helpful Nissa! I’m curious how you use the Mullein garlic for an ear infection? Do you drop it in their ears? We’ve had several rounds of ear infections with our two boys and I’ve stopped using antibiotics as I don’t believe it does anything good for them.

    • Hi Molly! Yes I drop the Mullein Garlic Oil directly in her ear. Usually a couple drops. It directs you to warm it on the bottle, but I usually don’t. Hope it helps!


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