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Soft Star Design Your Own Baby Adult Shoes Review

{Disclaimer: BVTMB has partnered together with Soft Star Shoes to bring you this sponsored review. While we received compensation for this post, the opinions and views expressed are entirely our own!}

My 9 month old daughter and I are pretty much in love with our Design-Your-Own Soft Star Shoes, and here’s why.

Soft Star Shoes are handcrafted, barefoot-inspired minimal shoes for adults and children. Design-Your-Own shoes? Seems like a dream reserved for celebrities and fairy tale princesses. But it is real, apparently. A skilled artisan makes each pair of shoes by hand and they can also customize the leather color and other design elements.

For my daughter I chose Baby Classic with Velcro in yellow leather with a white strap and little star cut-outs on the toe. And no it did not take me approximately 26 hours to make a decision about the design. Pfft. (Okay I lied. It took me a while but it was so fun, I just couldn’t stop dreaming up different options.) The shoes arrived more adorable and high-quality than I could’ve imagined. The moment you touch these shoes they scream “heirloom!” They also scream “I’m adorable!” and “Wear me!” I could have put them on a shelf as decor … but we put them on her feet instead.

Here’s what happened when we put these shoes on our baby. First, she seemed to not care in the slightest. Make no mistake: this is high praise from my daughter. The highest. Second, is it just me or does she seem a little more confident in her climbing and crawling abilities?! The thin, durable rubber sole, soft leather upper and secure velcro strap seemed to be made for her. Oh wait, THAT’S BECAUSE THEY WERE. Soft Star Shoes is really concerned about proper sizing and that’s awesome. I turned in her exact measurements instead of guessing her size based on her age and weight and possibly the moon’s position over earth and her zodiac sign. Because that stuff somehow has something to do with her foot size?! Um, not likely. Lastly, she gets a lot of compliments. A lot. I mean, she’s a cute baby so you know people always toss compliments at her like beads at Mardi Gras. (Let’s just glide past that inappropriate metaphor…) But with these shoes on her feet the compliments increase by 245% at least.

Soft Star Shoes Barefoot Minimal Vibram Adult Baby Review

Now here’s my experience, as demonstrated by the 5 steps to Merry Jane Merriment, by Meredith:

  1. When I first unwrapped my Soft Star Mary Janes in Shiny Pewter I thought – these are nice. When you handle them you can tell they are high quality. They’re simple, pretty, and I could easily imagine a lot of items in my closet looking good with these flats – from jeans and a t-shirt to an LBD.
  2. I put them on for the first time and thought, “Hmm… these are a little different than I’m used to.” The thin, flexible sole and slightly wider toe area stood out. The design is classic but mixed with contemporary elements and the features of a barefoot-style, minimal shoe.
  3. I quickly realized that those design elements and barefoot-inspired features are there to make your feet not just comfortable but happy. Yes, my feet have emotions now.
  4. Something even stranger happened after that. I have a nice, highly curated shoe collection but I found myself reaching for my Soft Star Shoes Merry Janes over and over again. With jeans, with pants, to the farmer’s market, running to the store, to visit family and friends, to take the dog for a walk.
  5. Comfortable, beautiful and versatile shoes? Every mom’s woman’s person’s white (fashion) whale.  I was starting to believe she didn’t exist when Merry Jane arrived at my doorstep. Turns out she’s not white, but Shiny Pewter.

Soft Star Shoes themselves say “We are passionate about locally handcrafting minimal shoes for happy, healthy feet!” Before I tried these shoes, I would’ve thought that was a cute little tagline. But after living with our Soft Star Shoes, I can attest to the fact that our feet really are happier.

…are your feet happy today?

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  1. I’m so thankful for learning of Soft Star Shoes through!! My next soft star shoe order will be the Phoenix boots for my daughter (and Hawthorne Chukka for my husband when they’re available).

  2. Oh, these are so sweet. I love the Merry Jane’s. I think a black or the chocolate on the website would go with just about everything I own but that shiny pewter is stunning. Also, i think the kid’s roo moccasins in burgundy would be so yummy on little feet. Then again, all of the styles are just so adorable!

  3. I love soft stars!! Id love to get a pair of the childrens north star boots for my son! he has wide feet and its hard to find good shoes that fit!


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