So Winter is Killing you? 5 Tips to help you survive.


Vermont is a beautiful State.

It is beautiful year round. Of course from November till late March Vermont doesn’t seem to like you much. In fact it seems like it wants to kill you. The roads can be treacherous and the air makes you cry with its subzero temperatures. The neighborhood buttons up so you’re lonely until spring when the old ladies next door reemerge. While it might appear that Vermont has it in for you during the winter I’m here with ways to fight back.

Beat Old Man Winter at his own game.

1: Go outside EVERYDAY. I’m serious. It sounds stupid and the idea of spending 20 minutes bundling up the kids is already giving me a slight panic attack but the fresh air, however bracing it is, will do everyone some good.

2: WEAR A HAT… and some boots… and a pair of mittens… and a down coat for that matter. Yes I know you are an adult and you can make your own choices and I honor that.

But its cold out and I can guarantee you no one is noticing your cute hairdo or outfit if it’s -15. They are just admiring your stupidity.

3: Sweat. I’ve been that woman running in negative temps and I’m sure I will again but these days a good elliptical “run” or shoveling the driveway gets my heart pumping and the endorphins moving. The cold dreary day doesn’t seem so bad afterwards.

shoveling in the winter in VT
When it snows I shovel. Just so I don’t go crazy!

4: Plan your summer. Book a camping trip. Scout out a new beach you’d like to try. Sign your kids up for summer camp. The prospect of looking forward to the beautiful sunny days Vermont has to offer is bound to cheer you up…or give you something to live for.

summer ocean waves
I can make it thru winter for a little summer time ocean.

5: Embrace it. It’s cold. It’s snowy. It’s not going to end soon. So why not embrace it. Strap on a pair of skates and hit up a community rink. Go to the beach and explore the lake while its frozen, even the shore has something to offer. Visit the local sledding hill. You never know who you’ll meet there.

sledding in Burlington VT
Its not bothering him that it is zero degrees.

My secret is that every year when the snow is gone and the trees begin to bud and winter is safely tucked behind me. I feel stronger and a little smug. I survived winter and I mentally tally up the score board Rachel: 35 Vermont Winter: 0.


Who doesn’t love to win? What do you do to survive the winter?


  1. rachel, love these ideas! Especially about planning a summer getaway. Thanks for the gentle reminder that we do live in VT after all and this too shall pass.


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