Simply Magical


When I dreamed about motherhood I thought about all those big “firsts” in my child’s life that I would cherish.  I knew there would be first steps, birthdays, school days, and many other big moments to look forward to reminiscing about as they grew into tiny adults.  After all, aren’t these the moments your own parents talk about and show you pictures of while you are growing up?

Aedan is only 11 months old so I know I have a lifetime of those moments ahead of me, and I really look forward to them.  I’m sure when I look back they will be the snapshots of time I remember best.


Recently, I came to somewhat of a new discovery.  Something I couldn’t have possibly known a year ago.  The most magical moments are in the simple but fleeting ones.  The ones you cannot capture.  The moments that I’m guessing you might not remember in fifteen years (although I’m hoping you do).

They are the 60 seconds in time when you look over and see your husband holding your baby upside down while he giggles until he can no longer stand it.  The ten seconds when your baby notices you walking into the room and gives you the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.  The two seconds where his little arms reach out for you, telling you he needs you in that moment.  These are the magical yet oh so simple moments of time that make being a mom worth the many long exhausting days and never ending nights.  They are the moments that fill your heart with so much love for your family that they bring you to near tears.


the sweet sound of love a favorite moment


I never knew this type of love could exist.  Yes, I was told on more than one occasion that there is no love like your love for your child but I just couldn’t understand it.  I’m not even sure I really understand it now.  How is it that something as simple as looking over at my husband playing with my son makes me love the both of them so incredibly much that I could completely break down into tears if I let myself? 

There is a good chance I won’t remember these fleeting moments of the past year in ten years but *sigh* how magical they are today.  I will hold on to them for as long as I can and only hope there are so many of them through the years that some are bound to be etched into my memory.

What are your most precious simple moments?




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