Resolution Time Again…Seriously?


It’s that time of year again….

How many times have you done this – January rolls around, and after weeks of holiday parties, family time and celebrations, we find ourselves feeling fat and splodgy, annoyed at  ourselves and thinking that we’ve overdone it – again.  And so, in the name of “New Years’ Resolutions” we set ourselves up for failure by coming up with an overly ambitious, unattainable, soon to be forgotten resolution like “I am going to lose 30 pounds”.

But seriously, have you ever really made a resolution and stuck with it?

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We are, in general, good at letting ourselves down with our resolutions. Let’s change that this year, and learn to set realistic, attainable goals. And then celebrate them. We’re really good at celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of our children, why not our own?

How about a resolution like this:  think different. (credit to apple).  



If your resolution is related to health or fitness, try this out: Today is a new day. Today I can be healthier than I was yesterday.

Look forward only and keep setting goals that will keep you excited. Make them simple, and when you get there, (and you will) take a moment to recognize and congratulate yourself. Then set the next goal and GO! Get excited about what could be, about doing something new. Seek those that will help you set realistic goals and help you attain them. Don’t dwell on what should be.

And remember, however fit or not fit you are, every time you exercise or challenge yourself to do something new, you have made progress. Progress toward a healthier you, a less stressed more energetic you. You and your family will reap the rewards.

I really like the saying the idea that what you do between Dec. and January does not count, it’s what you do between January and November that really matters. So here you are today, stand tall and proud and decide what you want for yourself.

You got this – you can do it!


Written By: Cate and Kendra of Artemis Fitness

CateKendraArtemisKendra Sowers and Cate MacLachlan are certified personal trainers and co-owners of Artemis Fitness in South Burlington. Artemis is an all-womens training center, founded 2 years ago with the intention of providing a gym designed to help women set and meet their fitness goals in an environment that is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental.

For more information on Artemis Fitness or Cate and Kendra, please click here:



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