Quick & Easy Canvas Art


My favorite Christmas carol is Oh Holy Night. Every time I hear it, I get chills! The line I love the most is “The weary world rejoices…” I love how the Christmas season brings a sense of hope and joy in our hearts. We can grow so weary of our everyday lives. A little bit of rejoicing does a soul good!

I’ve seen many canvas projects and have wanted to try one. I get hair-brained ideas, usually when I’m in the craft store, and I have to do it right now. Like, RIGHT NOW. So today when I unpacked the nativity scene my Mom bought me last year, I had the prefect idea! I would make a canvas with that phrase to display with the nativity scene! Brilliant! Except that I can’t paint, I have terrible handwriting, and my stencil skills are that of a three year old (no offense to three year olds). So I did a quick search around the store and went with this idea…and low and behold…it worked like a charm!

Here’s what I did…


1 canvas, size of your choice

Sticker letters as big or small as you want them. I used glittery ones. Because glitter is fun!




I laid the sticker letters out without pressing them into the canvas so I had them lined up just right.


I then used the mod-podge to glue the stickers on. They didn’t want to stick down all the way, so I just brushed some of the glue under the letters and again over them. I brushed the mod-podge over the entire canvas, back and forth, until smooth.

That’s it. I KNOW. I’m so lazy. I might get a silver glitter stamp to rub around the edges. I also hung a little silver star ornament over one corner. For festive purposes.

So that’s it! The lazy girl’s canvas art. What I love is that because of a sale at the craft store, this only cost me about $5 to make. If I change my mind, I can just rip the stickers off and do something else with it! Or give it away and do a new one next year. It’s a totally disposable piece of art for $5!!

Get creative and make one for yourself!



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