Sending Positive Messages Through Our Children’s Clothing


The clothing we wear says a lot about who we are.

Like it or not, we send powerful messages to everyone around us based on our clothing choices – is our body covered or not? Do our clothes fit? Are they clean? The way we look provides a first impression for others. Those rare moments when we can put together an outfit that isn’t covered in the day to day mess of parenting is a win.  Often times I am headed to work, only to discover I have some sort of dirt somewhere that I have to either creatively cover or try to wipe off with a paper towel.  

But what about our children? As parents and caregivers, isn’t it our job to teach our children to be responsible human beings and to present themselves appropriately?

With so much negativity out there these days, it would be nice to build our children up and send positive messages, including the messages we send with how they dress. I am a teacher in a school that educates children from pre-k up through high school, and consequently, I see a lot of different children’s clothing choices. Yes, some of the skirts can be too short, or the pants too low, but often what I notice is the messages that are written on the clothing. I particularly notice T-shirts that shirk responsibility or put down the feelings of others.  

With young children, we choose their clothing, so the message we send in their appearance is our own projection. Older children pick their own outfits, so the message they send is THEIR own. Whether  we are either buying children’s clothing- or if we are lucky enough to be given hand-me-downs- we need to be aware of what messages we promote.  Although I am always forever grateful for the clothes I have been given, those that spread messages of negativity (which thankfully have been few and far between) have been donated.  

I’d like to propose that instead of sending messages on children’s clothing that disregard other people’s feelings, property, or just plain good manners, why don’t we promote thoughtful and caring ideas?  

Here are a few great examples of clothes for children that do just that:

Children's clothing can send a positive message.
photo courtesy of Clothes Without Limits 

Being kind is important.  Accepting people and showing empathy are equally important.  The clothing at Clothes Without Limits promote those values.  

Children's clothing can send a positive message.
Photo courtesy of Clothes Without Limits

“Love is my superpower” is what the shirt says.  How adorable is this?  I think this shirt is so awesome that I wish they made it in mommy sizes.  This shirt is also featured on the website Clothes Without Limits.  


 The website Princess Free Zone offers all sorts of cool clothing that is deemed “gender cool apparel”.  Though they may do that, just like Clothes Without Limits, they also profess the importance of being kind.  

Children's clothing can send a positive message.
photo courtesy of Princess Free Zone
Children's clothing can send a positive message.
Photo courtesy of UrbanEarthCo


UrbanEarthCo, an Etsy shop, makes these wonderful T-shirts which can be worn by any gender.  This sweet shirt takes a quote from a popular song and turns it into a positive message.  



Really, our children don’t have to wear clothes with any messages written on them at all.

Favorite sports teams, musical groups, patterns, or just solid colors will do.  But when wanting to buy that cute shirt or two, why not make the choice to put some positivity back into the world?

Children's clothing can send a positive message.
photo courtesy of BirchBearCo



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