Parenting Encouragement of the Day


You know you’re a mom when you get your daily inspiration from the side of a box at Costco. Today’s parenting encouragement came from the Pumpkin Flax Granola box (have you tried it, go there right now and get some!).


Photo credit: The Essex Reporter


We’re in a time with our boys where we would so very much like to see some stinking harvest. I mean, we do, they are star students receiving accolades on their behavior at school. When they’re teachers tell me how well behaved and kind my children are I think, “Well isn’t that lovely. For you.” Because they sure as h-e-double-hockey-sticks aren’t earning the kindness award at home. My boys scream and fight with one another and I am ovvvvver it. We see a family counselor here and there, especially since Matt’s deployment, and she encouraged us with the same notion.

They’re aren’t emotionally mature enough to show you yet, but they’re getting it. The seeds are being planted. Wait for it…

Well I’m tired of waiting! But then the granola box told me the same thing so I guess somebody is trying to tell me something.

The whispers in the little ears and the life lessons thrown into the chaos of daily life are seeds waiting to bloom.

One day.

One day I will see those seeds grow into strong, kind, respectful gentlemen. Until then, I’ll just be over here watering the heck out of them.



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