Pandemic Confessions from the VT Moms You Know and Love


I think we can agree that our new coronavirus-inspired lifestyle has been less than fun and has likely been filled with many ups and downs.

Today, I want to lighten the mood and share some pandemic confessions from a group of my favorite moms.

I asked the Vermont Mom team of Contributing Writers to share some of their pandemic confessions. Whether we got a new pet, bought an expensive game system, (ahem – Nintendo Switch at my house), or purchased a pool, camping equipment, or a new wardrobe, many of us have looked for ways to find normalcy in a very difficult and often stressful situation. 

I am not trying to make light of the Coronavirus or the many difficulties that families are enduring. I think we weather the storm in different ways and none of us have escaped without any kind of a struggle.

I hope you’ll find these pandemic confessions funny and relatable. I want you to know you’re not alone. These are moms like you surviving this pandemic any way they can. 

I’ve started doing the very thing I shame my husband for: scrolling through Reddit from the bathroom.

I haven’t been removing my facial hair nearly as frequently since it’s all covered by a mask any time I go out in public. You know, perks of masks, I guess!

We got a pet snake. My son had all the time in the world to talk me into it. 

We wear PJs like regular clothes now.

Okay here’s a crazy Corona purchase – I bought a stand-up paddleboard while I had a broken ankle. It seemed silly at the time but it’s been surprisingly helpful in rehabbing.

I’ve watched soooooo muchh TV that Netflix has run out of English shows to suggest for me. This is a true story.

woman sitting on a couch holding a remote and looking at a TV

I read all of Howard Stern’s new book “Howard Stern Comes Again” and I found that it calmed me down during quarantine. What????????? I also can’t get enough of Jennifer Garner’s Pretend Cooking Show.

I’ve been trying to learn how to bake bread, and it tastes so bad my kids will say “oh, no, mom, you’re not trying to make bread again, are you?”

I went exploring in my 170-year-old basement and found a really amazing carved stone. I brought it upstairs because I didn’t know what it was and was so excited to find an old piece of art. I spent so much time researching, trying to identify it. I finally contacted a historian to see if he knew what it was. It’s a headstone. It’s so obvious now that I look at it. Now I’m spending hours researching people buried in basements. *shudder*

large grey stone shaped like a half circle

We put some good money into lego storage and sorted all of our kids’ legos by type of piece. Not even kidding. My son was getting frustrated by not being able to find the pieces he needs to build because we have so many (his and my husband’s from his childhood). We figured we had the time and it was worth doing.Dog lying down

We’ve talked about getting a dog on and off, but it’s never felt like the right time until now. We may not have done it now either if the world hadn’t slowed down. As for other things, I planted annuals in 19 different pots just because.

Before we got the dog, I started binge-watching old Friday night 90’s primetime shows (TGIF) on Hulu when I couldn’t sleep in the wee hours of the morning, which was pretty much all the time.

We made birthday cakes for all our relatives’ birthdays, sent them photos, and then ate the cakes ourselves.

cake with sprinklesI realized my two-year-old could sit and play with clay for two hours straight so I went and spent over 200$ (shhh) on clay and supplies. But I can sit with my girls for hours making clay goods.

I weeded our garden beds obsessively. My kids would always tell me I wasn’t allowed to garden as we headed outside. 

I’ve stopped showering every day because I rarely go anywhere. I figured there was no better time to embrace the “no ‘poo” lifestyle.

Pandemic Confession: I have no desire to go back to work, but I want my full paycheck. I also only do my hair at best one day a week. And I’ve had less anxiety than before all this started.

I bought my kid an iPad. And encouraged her to play Minecraft. Bedtime can range from 8:30-10 PM.

I now talk about the memes I’ve seen like this is a real conversation topic.

I started buying and eating fluff. For the first time in my life.

What about you? Any pandemic confessions you’d like to share? 

Pandemic Confessions from the VT Moms You Know and Love


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