An Open Letter to Our Crossing Guard.


crossing gaurd

Dear Ann(e),

Hi. You know me. We wave every morning and afternoon during the school year. You know my kids and know that my oldest will stop on the corner and my youngest still needs a reminder. You always check in with them, making sure they wait for a parent before you cross them or note that they are walking alone that day.

I have heard you remind kids to call their parents when they reach their destination and I’ve seen you take down the license plate of a driver that wasn’t being safe in the school zone.

I trust that you will stop the cars and allow my children and others to get to school or home safely.

Today you watched as a car with grown adults in it were bothering my son.  He was walking a few blocks to school on his own because I can only be in one place at a time. He should have been riding his Unicycle but minutes after I trusted that he could navigate the few blocks and the crazy intersection (with your help) on his own, his pedal fell off and he had to carry his Uni while he walked.

You saw these men taunting him to ride it. You saw him say something to them. When he got to your intersection you asked him if he knew the people in that car. He knows you and answered that he didn’t. You finished crossing him and took down the cars information. You sent in on to the powers that be. You watched out for my boy.

Then this afternoon you relayed the story to me with no judgement. No judgement for why he was walking alone or judgement in him. You gave me information I didn’t have. I was able to take that conversation and have an informed discussion about the realities of having to make a decision about what to do when his unicycle broke down and what to do when grown men where teasing him.  I was able, with your help, to let him know that my presence wouldn’t have changed the broken pedal reality. I just would have helped to make the same decision. I was able to praise him and soothe his nerves. Because although it was scary by the time he got to me at the school he had forgotten it.  I wondered out loud if he would have told me about it had you not brought it up, and he thought that if or when he remembered he would.

So I’m thankful that I know because you took the time to tell me this afternoon.

You cross us during snowstorms and icy sidewalk days.  In the spring downpours that have most people taking to their cars, you stand on your corner crossing those few brave souls who venture out, even if it’s only two of us. You get yelled out by busy people who are in such a hurry they forget to slow down. Who can’t wait their turn. I thank you in person everyday quickly as I cross. Today I think you need more so I take to this public forum to thank you again.

Thank you for watching out for our children. You are a valuable part of our community and I am so thankful for everything you do.

Appreciatively yours,




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