One of those days


I must admit, like many of us, I have some procrastination issues from time to time.

Today is one of those days.  I’m quite tired and have little motivation to do, well anything.

Two years ago I would have likely given in to this day and actually sat on the couch, watching trashy t.v. and eating whatever I had so that I did not have to cook.  One year ago I would have done much of the same but just had a little sleeping newborn on my chest that nursed every hour.  At least I still didn’t have to cook (or move really).

Let’s fast forward to today.  That type of day is not an option.  Coming home from work and sitting on the couch is no longer a reality.  There is this little toddler staring at me probably thinking, “okay mom, what are you going to do to show me your undivided attention for the next 4 hours until bedtime?!”

Our typical day unfolds by coming home from work and childcare, reading several books on Aedan’s demand, playing outside, eating dinner, taking a bath, more book reading and playing, and finally, bedtime.  Most days, I absolutely love this little routine of ours.  I love picking him up and seeing the look on his face when he sees me.  I love how excited he gets when he sees the dogs waiting in the window.  I especially love our time together with him on my lap and me reading him book after book that he picks out.  Having a toddler is more fun than I had imagine.  The ability to communicate your likes and dislikes, to engage in activities, and laugh too much are cherished toddler moments for me.

But then there are days like today.  Those days where you are completely exhausted and ready to crash but know you cannot because you have another role to play when you get home from work.  Those days where it didn’t used to matter if you had some yogurt for dinner because it was just you and your husband.  These are the difficult ones.  The ones where you feel a little guilty that you just want to sit that child in front of something that captivates him without you being involved, even though you don’t.

I imagine we all have a day like this from time to time.  Let’s just say they totally suck.  Thankfully, the other days outnumber those difficult days and you know you just need to make it until 7 or 8pm, a.k.a bedtime.  Shall we count down?

Now for a little wishful thinking humor for those tired moms reading this today…

tired moms


  1. As my mom always says, “This too shall pass.” Some day, your kids will be old enough and they’ll put themselves to bed and you’ll be able to veg out in front of the TV for an hour before falling asleep on the couch. That’s my life these days. My kids are teens now and I get home around 8:30 pm. They still want mom-time so I go in and lay with them to hear about their day, then get to my homework till my eyes get blurry, then lay on the couch watching something until I fall asleep. My hubby come out and wakes me up to come to bed. I get up and do it all over again. Someday, though, I’ll be done with my degree and actually be able to get to bed at a decent hour. 🙂 In the meantime, I’m glad my kids put themselves to bed.

  2. Urgh I hear ya – I’d give anything to sit in front of the t.v. with a glass of wine after work and watch a whole season of a show….

    But no, after putting a ton of energy into an 8-hour work day….we have to put the same amount of energy into that 4 hours before bedtime. But when 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. does come – it’s a great feeling to have a little bit of time to ourselves before the sun goes down…then we wake up and do it again!


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