Natural Deodorant – Does it Really Work or is it just Hype?


I’ve always been interested in natural deodorant, but I never tried it because I was afraid it wouldn’t work very well.

This summer, I was forced to try natural deodorant. I developed an allergy to my conventional deodorant. My armpits turned swollen, red, and raw. Plus, they hurt all day. This was the second brand of conventional deodorant to which I had developed an allergy, so I decided to try natural deodorant. It’s probably a healthier choice anyway. I was overwhelmed by all the options out there! I struggled to make a choice on a new deodorant, so I picked four different brands of natural deodorant and tried them all. Natural deodorants depend heavily on your body chemistry, so everyone’s results will be slightly different. Here is what I experienced.

Native Deodorant

I bought Native deodorant through Amazon because I needed it quickly! I was drawn to Native because the scents were all really appealing. I started with coconut and vanilla, but there are plenty of others that I would like to try. Native is paraben and aluminum free. I hoped that one of those ingredients was triggering my allergies. The deodorant came with a booklet that recommends washing your underarms with soap and water and then wiping them dry before applying the deodorant to help remove excess oils and bacteria. Also, Native works best when you apply it daily and it can take up to 14 days to get the maximum effects. 

After my shower, I thoroughly dried my armpits and applied Native deodorant. It smelled delightful and it glided on smoothly just like my old conventional deodorant. Luckily, my armpits healed after just a few days of switching deodorants. Thank goodness I’m not allergic to natural deodorant! Native actually worked pretty well for me. I didn’t stink unless I did something crazy, like walk around all afternoon in the summer heat. The only drawback is that I was accustomed to using a conventional deodorant/antiperspirant. I was definitely sweatier using Native, but my sweat didn’t stink. Also, my odor improved slightly over the 2 week adjustment period. Ultimately, I had to readjust my expectations and just accept that sweating will occasionally happen when I use a natural deodorant..

Tom’s of Maine

Next, I tried Tom’s of Maine. My local grocery store carries this brand and there was a large selection of options to choose from. I tried the beautiful earth deodorant. It has no aluminum, parabens, artificial fragrances, or propylene glycol. The container proclaims Tom’s to be the #1 natural deodorant brand. Tom’s also has options for antiperspirants, but I avoided those due to my allergies.

I know that it may take a little time to adjust to a new natural deodorant, but I only lasted a few days with Tom’s of Maine. I stank pretty much all day long, even though I wasn’t doing anything that strenuous. Reapplying didn’t really help, either. I was so self-conscious about my smell that I quit using Tom’s after three days. I apologize to anyone who encountered me during that period. I have other friends who swear by this brand, so it must be the case that my body chemistry just doesn’t work well with this deodorant.


Next, I tried Schmidt’s natural deodorant. It was also available at my grocery store, but I only had two scents to choose from. I went with rose + vanilla. Schmidt’s contains no aluminum, propylene glycol, or artificial fragrances. The back of the stick warns against applying the deodorant directly after shaving, which made me a little worried. In general, I shave my armpits in the shower and then apply my deodorant afterwards, before I get dressed.

This deodorant looks a little different than conventional brands. It is a natural-looking tan color instead of white. Also, you have to hold the deodorant to your skin for a few seconds before applying to help soften it. Schmidt’s also feels scratchier than the other deodorants I have tried. However, it worked fairly well for me. The scent is strong with this deodorant. I could clearly smell roses right after I applied it and I continued to get rosy whiffs throughout the day. I was still a little sweatier than I had been with an antiperspirant, but I didn’t smell bad. I smelled like a lovely garden.

Primal Pit Paste

Finally, I tried Primal Pit Paste. It bills itself as, “Natural deodorant that really works.” Primal Pit Paste uses a baking soda formula and is aluminum and paraben free. I ordered a stick of jacked-up jasmine online. Primal Pit Paste also comes in jars. The directions say to press the open stick to your armpit for five seconds to use your body heat to soften the deodorant. Then swipe 1-2 times per pit.

The scent is a nice, subtle floral. Overall, it worked okay. By the end of a long day, I was only slightly sweaty and stinky. I would have just reapplied, but the package warns that overuse may stain clothing. That really freaked me out. I am very protective of my clothes. In the end, I am only willing to wear Primal Pit Paste with old clothes that I don’t care about anymore.

In the end, every person will react differently to each type of deodorant. One thing I didn’t try but that I’ve heard works well at preventing underarm odor is anything containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids (think skin care for your face.) I’m glad that I tried out several options of natural deodorant though. I will stick with Native for now, but I feel better knowing that I have several other good options for the future!

Natural Deodorant - Does it Really Work or is it just Hype?


  1. I went through a Native and Schmidts phase myself because I was attracted to their price. I use the Toms lemongrass as my “cheap” backup, but Ursa Major has been my go to for the last year or so!


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