My Vermont Valentine


Valentine’s Day.

A lot of us have conflicted feelings about this day, right? Does any other day have the power to make so many people grit their teeth at once?

My lifelong relationship with Valentine’s Day was decided when I was 16. I was walking through a football field and attempted to jump over a puddle. Showing my typical grace, I jumped, landed on an icy spot, slipped, and fell right into the puddle. Since then, I have learned to temper my expectations, focus on the positive, and get myself a little something on Valentine’s Day.

This year, I want to give you permission to treat yourself. Treat yourself while supporting Vermont businesses. Go ahead, get yourself a My Vermont Valentine gift box. Get one for your mom, or someone else you love.

My Vermont Valentine, valued at over $115, is a collection of beautiful handcrafted gifts, delicious treats, and a $20 gift card that can be used online or locally. Not to mention that each box comes with $135 in coupons!

Here’s the thing. This is our first time doing this, so we kept it small. We did not make many boxes, and when they sell out, they’re gone. This limited edition box, valued at over $115, will be sold for only $49.

Every box contains:

The details:

My Vermont Valentine will go on sale on Tuesday, February 1.

Vermont Mom Insiders will be the first to know when the box goes on sale, then it will be announced on Facebook and Instagram.

My Vermont Valentine will cost $49. (Please add $15 per box if you would like this box mailed to you.)

Pickup will happen at two locations on February 12 and 13:

1. SidePony Boutique in Hinesburg.

Saturday, February 12, 9am- 12pm

SidePony carries a little of everything but in a truly size and style-inclusive way. Owner, Cat Moller, knows how to help you feel more beautiful and more confident, and visiting her shop is completely fun. Pickup at SidePony Boutique is a convenient choice if you’re local and want to spend your $20 SidePony gift card immediately and in person, or if the keychain made you curious about all the gorgeous leather goods at Ma & Pembum (please make an appointment before stopping by M&P.)

2. Boho Baby in Williston.

Saturday, February 12, 10am- 5pm

Sunday, February 13, 11am- 4pm

There is not one single reason to buy new clothing for your littles when they grow out of things so quickly. Grab your My Vermont Valentine and check out the affordable, gently used clothing at this premier kids’ clothing consignment shop. Or bring a load of clothing to sell. You know you want to cross this off your list.

You must purchase a My Vermont Valentine gift box online before going to pick one up. And if you miss your pickup day, SidePony Boutique and Boho Baby will hold on to your box for a few days.

Mailing is also an option.

Are you ready? You can buy your My Vermont Valentine gift box now! 

I hope that each mom who wants to purchase a My Vermont Valentine box is able to and that we all feel loved and celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

This is a stock photo of a box. Ours is bigger.


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