My Favorite Home Renovation Shows


Two years ago we bought a house that was built in 1860, was a foreclosure, and had been sitting empty for a couple of years.

It was literally one of the cheapest houses in the area and probably the house in the worst shape too. When we walked in for the first time, however, we knew it was our future home. The pictures below don’t really do the befores and afters justice, but here’s a peak.

home reno, renovations

You see, I’m a home reno tv show lover. Give me HGTV, Pinterest, and a cup of coffee (or three) and I am one happy girl.

These shows inspire me to think creatively and to learn tips and tricks about home renovation and design. I’m no professional, but I can honestly say that watching tv taught me so much about home renovation! I suppose being a daughter and sister to carpenters hasn’t hurt either.

I’m sure I’m not the only home reno tv show lover, so I thought I would share my favorites here with you. 

home reno, tv showsLove it or List It – The people who are in this show have one question, are they going to love their house after some renovations, or are they going to list it and move on. The hosts in this show crack me up. I’m sure most of their banter is on purpose, but I love how they go back and forth and make the show a competition. I’m always on pins and needles until the end where the home owners announce their decision.

Rehab Addict – The host of this show is Nicole Curtis. She renovates old homes, working furiously to save them from being torn down. I love that she keeps the original character of the homes. I wish we could have gotten to our house before the people before us went through and tore out some of the original stuff. We do still have most of the original floors and window trim which I love. I love old houses! If you do too, you have to watch this. Also, Nicole is adorable.

Fixer Upper – This show has become my new favorite. This couple from Texas helps families find the worst houses and totally renovates them. I love their style and design choices. I secretly wish to live their life, husband and wife team of home reno and design. How fun! All I need to make it happen is a good southern accent. And a husband who like home reno as much as me. Nevermind.

Property Brothers – The Property Brothers have multiple shows that they star in and I love all of them. Maybe it’s because they remind me of my two carpenter brothers. These guys do it all and they are really fun to watch. I get great ideas from their shows and they encourage me to think outside the box!

Holmes Makes it Right – In this show, Mike Holmes saves home owners who have been victims of reno projects gone terribly wrong. I learn so much about the details of home reno from this show. This is not about design and prettiness, it’s about the guts of home reno. I love that I have learned lingo and facts from this guy that impress the Home Depot staff when I’m shopping there.

What are your favorite home reno and design shows? I’d love to hear!



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