Mommy Must Haves: Must Haves.


I will be honest right up front. When trying to choose a ‘must have’ in my role as Mother, I became completely stumped.

Thinking, thinking, thinking.

I recall how much I loved my boppy pillow when nursing my newborn. And how much I relied on the lavender scented bubble baths for my cranky toddlers. And how much I adored our Eric Carle writing collection and its ability to capture my little ones attention.

As they got a bit older I remember thanking God for the captain style seats in our SUV so that they couldn’t put their hands on each other while I was driving. And the t.v. in that particular car was super helpful too (I hate to say). Our access to swimming pools in the hot desert heat was a lifesaver one hundred times over.

All of these items were wonderful, helpful, and served great purpose … along with so many other things just like them. But there is nothing that stands out as something I could not have lived without. Nothing I can think of that was A M A Z I N G.

And even now, as my babies become PEOPLE … I am wondering what it is I find super helpful. ? ? ?

And then it came to me. On Easter Sunday. A thread, from then until now, the thing I could not have made it through this whole crazy train without.


Dinner at the kitchen table each and every night, 7 days a week. The place we share with each other, all kinds of wonderfully hard life lesson things.

In the earlier years it was a time for Mister Witt and I to watch our babies explore new foods and make great messes, great memories. Then it became a time to practice words and manners. Now it has evolved into a time to shape loving hearts and passionate minds. To instill a good moral compass in our children.

So if I have to think of a can-not-live-with-out-absolutely-must-have it is this…

time together. and a kitchen table.

It is how we spent our day today and most evenings, nights, and weekends :: I highly recommend it!

togetherhlove, always


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