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Today it happened.  I saw the big brown van pull up in front of the house. I tried to play it cool.  I pretended to have business with the table in front of the window so I could see Brown in all his package carrying glory.  Here he comes.  I move away from the window, anticipating the knock and practicing my “oh, I wasn’t expecting anyone” face.  Then I hear the van crank and drive away. What, no knock?  I open the door to an empty stoop and look over at my neighbors door.  There’s an LL Bean package bejeweling their welcome mat.  I exclaim, “Oh beautiful box, I care not what you contain, just visit me next time!”

Don’t let this happen to you!  The girls at Mommébox know that we love receiving packages and have created a fun new business with this in mind.  When you subscribe to Mommébox you will receive a themed monthly box containing healthy lifestyle products, samples, and coupons. January’s Healthy Living box came to me recently and here is what was within:

  • Plant Fusion Protein Powder
  • Click Espresso Protein drink
  • Dr. Cleengreen’s Instant Hand Purifier
  • Health Warrior Chia Bar
  • EcoTrek Fitness Bar
  • Sample of Glee Gum

Plus manufacturer’s coupons for Sambazon juice, Glee Gum, Dr. Robin products, and Hyde yoga products.



Think of this box as a lifestyle advice giver, something to get you moving in the right direction.  You will find product and service ideas that can help you reach your personal goals.  With January’s Healthy Living box you can start the new year focused on your health.  Next month’s theme is Share the Love. Some other themes to look forward to are Style, Home, Books and Brains, and Gourmet Delectables.
For $15/ month (4 month minimum) you can meet the brown van at the curb with confidence!  If you are in need of a little lifestyle coaching, or if you just want to keep up with current lifestyle trends, it’s a reasonable price to pay for a fun monthly delivery!  If you are interested in subscribing, visit
And just because we love you, you can enter the giveaway below to win your very own Mommebox! 

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*Burlington VT Moms Blog received compensation for this post, but the opinions expressed are entirely our own.



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