Meet the BVTMB Team: Moms, Entrepreneurs, Writers, and Volunteers


I have been a writer for the BurlingtonVT Moms Blog team for nearly two years. Through participating in blog events, I’ve come to know a little bit about the moms on our team, and I have found some great new friends here. As you already know, some of us are stay-at-home moms and some of us work outside of the home. What you may not know is what else we do to help make ends meet. We’re all moms, but we’re also makers, entrepreneurs, and volunteers, too! This list doesn’t include everyone on our team, but it’s certainly enough to give you an idea about how some of us spend our time.

Meet Some of the BVTMB Team:

Luann, our blog photographer, has her own photography business, Luann Bailey Photography.

Photography used to be her full-time job, but since becoming a mom, she has had to cut back to part time. She also does commissioned painting, murals, and other art to bring in extra cash for the family. Luann’s kids have modeled for local businesses (Vermont Teddy Bear and Minor Kids) in exchange for goods. Luann also volunteers as the creative arts pastor at her church, which supports multiple charities each year. Each year, they support the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program (both with funds and with clothes, home goods, and assistance with getting Vermont driving licenses).

Luann and her family regularly make dinner for families at the Ronald McDonald House, donate time at Anew Place, donate photography services to help Vermont foster children with senior photos, and support charities like World Vision, Signs of Love, and Charity Water (for whom Luann’s daughter raised over $3,000). You can find Luann’s artistic work at her brother’s coffee shop, Scout & Co., on her family’s roastery website, at Vivid Coffee, and in Potsdam, NY, at Park Bros Coffee.

art, artistic, meet the team, mompreneur
Luann poses with her mural at Park Bros Coffee in Potsdam, NY.

Cassandra, also from our writers’ team, owns a small and booming business called Little Green Pear.

She sells homemade baby gifts and accessories on Etsy and in person at local craft shows. She also occasionally does photography sessions for newborns, families, and senior photos. Cassie has a lovely artistic vision.

mompreneur, working mom, small business, meet the team
A selection of lovely little products from Little Green Pear

Ashley, from our writers’ team, is a reading interventionist and now has a small business doing private 1-on-1 reading tutoring classes online.

Ashley uses her education and experience teaching not just with her clients, who have reported lots of success with her online tutoring, but also with her son, who she homeschools.

Amanda, from our writers’ team, used to be a speech-language pathologist, but became a stay-at-home mom after her second child was born.

She used to facilitate playgroups to bring in extra income, but now that her youngest child is in pre-k, she substitute teaches part-time in her local schools to supplement her family’s income. Amanda loves being involved in the community.

working mom, stay at home mom, meet the team, playgroups
Facilitating play groups was one way that Amanda contributed to her family’s income.

Abbie, from our writers’ team, works full-time outside of the home, and runs the website ollergy.

Abbie’s son, Ollie, is allergic to nearly all of the Big-8 allergens, and Abbie’s website helps food allergy families navigate everyday life. Her site has a handful of Amazon affiliate links, and her family has received some perks from allergy-friendly companies, but Abbie’s main goals are to create awareness about food allergies and provide support for families. Abbie’s family has helped to raise funds for Food Allergy Research and Education through their Food Allergy Heroes Walk in Boston, for the Boston Children’s Hospital, and for the Yawkey Family Inn. Her work has helped local families and businesses create more inclusive and safer spaces for kids with food allergies. She has recently partnered with Healthy Living, and is truly an advocate for individuals with allergies.

Kayla, from our writers’ team, helps bring in extra cash by being a part-time substitute teacher in her local schools.

She also plays piano and the organ at church and other occasional events. For fun, she acts and sings in local theater productions.

piano, musical instruments, meet the team
Kayla earns extra income by playing piano in her local church.

Ally, also from our writers’ team, works full-time and recently set up her own small business doing work as a virtual assistant, specializing in writing services.

Ally has her own blog and website, where she shares her works in progress, including children’s titles, fiction, and non-fiction. Ally’s exuberance and drive are evident in all of her work.

Halie, from our writers’ team, and her husband are in line to become the owners of her family’s insurance company, but she has a number of side hustles, as well.

She has her own blog, Halie Mae Blogs, where she writes about beauty, skincare, and lifestyle. She loves sharing her passion for what she calls, “Our own version of minimalism,” and her passion for LimeLife products by Alcone. She swears by LimeLife makeup and skincare, and only uses a few beauty products from other companies. Halie prides herself on hard work and living intentionally.

mompreneur, working mom, meet the team, cosmetics
Halie loves LimeLife products because they are gentle enough for sensitive little hands to play.

Miki, also from our writers’ team, supports her community by giving to the Williston FAP.

Families As Partners works to defray costs of educational field trips by raising funds through community events like their annual craft fair, basket raffle, and recycle sale. Miki volunteers her time to do hair and makeup for the school play each year, and she is passionate about awareness of community issues. She wrote a post last year about the 3SquaresVT challenge, and is working toward getting her Masters degree in Social Work, where she will continue to support her local community.  

In addition to working full-time as a Spanish teacher and being part of the writers’ team here, I co-own a small sewing business called Kat’s Paws.

My mom is my business partner, and we sell both on Etsy and in-person at local craft shows. If it can be sewn, my mom and I can make it! I also bring in extra cash by selling curriculum materials in an online teacher marketplace, and have done some online freelance work. Our family enjoys giving to local charities each year; we shop periodically for food to donate to the Milton Family Community Center, we donate dog and cat food to Homeward Bound and the Elmore SPCA (both shelters where we have adopted dogs), we donate auction items to local animal rescues like KC Bully Rescue, and this year, we donated a car to the Good News Garage.

small business, home business, mompreneur, working mom, meet the team
One of my favorite Kat’s Paws items to sew is our fabric bowls. They come together quickly, I can make them with any style of fabric, and no two are the same!

Do you have a side hustle? What local charitable causes do you and your family support?



  1. Love this post, Kat, as it gave me the chance to learn more about the other mom bloggers and to recognize the creative and entrepreneurial spirit we all share. Thanks for giving all of us featured here the shoutout.


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