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{Disclaimer: We are working with Vivid Coffee Roasters to bring you this post, however, all our opinions are our own!}

Motherhood and coffee go hand in hand. This is not news to you, I know, but have you heard about Vivid Coffee Roasters? They are a local business run by a local dad that can make your coffee habit a truly tasty and rewarding experience.

If you attended our 5th Annual Family Fun Day, you were able to experience the delight of coffee roasted by Ian of Vivid, and like me and many other parents, you may have been hooked ever since! Here is a little more about Ian and his passion for coffee.

Local Business Spotlight Vivid Coffee Roasters

Ian Bailey, owner and creator of Vivid Coffee Roasters, is the husband to our lovely and talented team photographer Luann Bailey. He is also the father of two precious little girls. Ian’s love for coffee led him to start Vivid Coffee Roasters in Winooski, Vermont in 2015. His goal was to source and roast coffees that are delicious and the Vivid name perfectly describes his coffee. Coffee that burst with Vivid aromas and taste. Coffee that stands out! 

A little about Ian:
“I grew up in Hawaii and our family grew coffee plants in our backyard. A lot of people forget a coffee bean is actually the seed of the coffee cherry. But I actually got to pick and taste the coffee cherry — it’s sweet and honey-like in consistency. Not something we normally think about when we think of coffee. Not to mention there are hundreds of different varieties of coffee. One of the reasons I wanted to start a coffee roasting business was to continue and expand Vermont’s exposure to the beauty of specialty coffee. The nuances of flavor and aroma you can experience — whether the difference is because of the variety, how it’s processed/produced, the elevation the coffee is grown at, the quality of the soil. It’s as diverse an agricultural product as any. What I love about coffee is the community: the local, national, and global coffee community is such a pleasant group to be a part of. It definitely contributed to the desire to start my own coffee roasting business. Not to mention, Winooski is the perfect place to roast coffee. The city has a real sense of authentic community and I’m very blessed to be a part of it.”

I know I don’t have to convince you to drink coffee (you are probably sipping on some while you read this!) but here are Five Reasons Why You Should Try Vivid Coffee!

#1 – It tastes good black!

I’m a coffee lover, but I will admit, my usual cup of coffee is often 90% flavored coffee creamer and 10% coffee. I’ve never been a black coffee drinker. When it was suggested to me by Ian that I would enjoy his coffees black, I was skeptical, but I gave it a shot. I must say, when it’s Vivid Coffee, give it to me black! As it turns out, my desire to sweeten coffee was to cover the taste of bad coffee! When you drink a roast like Vivid’s Francisco Sagastume from Honduras (my current fave) you truly do not need to add anything to it.  I can’t believe I just typed that, but it’s true! If you are looking for a way to turn your coffee habit into something that better for you than that sugar-loaded latte you are addicted to, you’ve got to try coffee roasted by Vivid!

baby with a cup of coffee
Baby Zia, Ian’s youngest and the reason he needs coffee.

#2 – You are supporting a local business and still watching your wallet!

Here at BVTMB, supporting local businesses is our highest priority! We love that supporting Vivid Coffee Roasters means supporting Ian and Luann and their two little girls. The warm and cozy feeling a cup of coffee gives you is tripled when you can feel good about also supporting a local Vermont business! Coffee from Vivid Coffee Roasters is affordable. $10 for a bag?! Yes!

Vivid Coffee being poured by little girl
Ian’s oldest daughter and biggest fan!

#3 – Responsibly sourced beans.Vivid Coffee Beans

Vivid Cofee Roasters is committed to purchasing ethically and sustainably produced and harvested beans. Click on each coffee listed on Vivid’s Website to read more about where the beans come from. I love this detail about Maya Ixil from Guatemala:

“While 12 female farmers are now cooperative members, coffee farming is heavily dominated by males in this community. To empower the wives of farmers to engage in other economic pursuits, Maya Ixil created a microcredit fund intended for income diversification plans, such as purchasing materials to raise livestock and to produce handicrafts and textiles. The additional income they generate both benefits the families and contributes to a growing gender equality in the community.”

#4 – The decaf blends are legit.

If you are looking to cut back on caffeine but still want to enjoy the delicious flavor of coffee, you have to try Vivid’s Spectrum Decaf Blend! It’s what got me through my last pregnancy where caffeine was a no-no. It’s tasty with a bit of cream, but again, no sweetener is necessary, making it a great option for anyone not wanting the coffee jolt!

Pregnant mom holding coffee
Luann enjoying a cup of Iced Decaf Coffee brewed by Vivid Coffee Roasters.

#5 – You can order online or pick up in local stores!

Coffee gets roasted and shipped on Wednesdays so you can place an order online and let it get delivered right to your door. A busy mom’s dream! If you are out and about, you can also get Vivid Coffee at these local shops:

Scout and Company – Winooski and Burlington (all locations)
Catalyst Coffee Bar – St. Albans
Dedalus Market, Bottle Shop and Wine Bar – Burlington
Commodities Natural Market – Winooski
Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee – Burlington

Ian of Vivid Coffee Roasters

We hope you will give Vivid Coffee Roasters a try and if you do, tell them we sent you!

Visit Vivid Coffee Online: Website :: Facebook :: Instagram


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