Living My Dream


When I am writing I like to pretend that I’m having a conversation with a good friend.  I’m not sure if that is an excuse for bad grammar but I like to say that it’s because it helps me just be myself. See? That sentence is totally unacceptable by writer’s terms but we are just a couple of moms sitting here over coffee so it’s totally fine, right? Perfect grammar might not be my driving force in my writing (Although I will never confuse your and you’re. EVER.) but sharing my heart and ideas with other moms is. Which led me to blogging!

My dream has always been to be a stay at home mom. I have been living that dream for almost twelve years now. Yes, cleaning toilets and baking biscuits was my dream. I know, you guys. I KNOW. But raising brilliant, kind men for the future is a pretty sweet part of the gig.

Most of the time, my life looks a little something like this:


Or this:


I am strangely ok with this.

We have three spunky boys who keep us on our feet and out of food on a daily basis. I quickly learned how to cook and bake to support their eating habits and being in the kitchen has become one of my favorite things! Blogging makes it extra fun and saves me from the “Can I get that recipe?” questions that abound at potlucks. I have learned a thing or two about being a mom of boys and blogging has also been a delightful way for me to get my thoughts out and share some advice along the way.

How did I end up in Vermont? Well, we visited Vermont one day for a few hours and decided to move here! We are not what you would call the spontaneous type, but it was clear to us that this was where we wanted to be. My husband, Matt, had a dream to join the military. He found a position within the Vermont Air National Guard as an engineer (which he happened to be). He joined, was given the job, and his dream career was born.

Now that we are both fulfilling our dreams, we are excited to move forward into an exciting life in Vermont. We just bought a very old house and have dived head first into renovations. We love the snow (good thing!) and the beauty that is Vermont has captured our hearts. We have only lived here for two years but we already feel an amazing connection to the people and the culture that makes this state so easy to call home. I look forward to exploring Vermont and getting to know the moms who live here while writing for BVTMB!

My coffee is now cold because I have talked about myself for too long. This is the part where you tell me more about you! I can’t wait to hear! And don’t worry about your grammar. The coffee doesn’t care and neither do I! As long as you use the words their and they’re correctly, that is.


  1. Wonderful post. I only wish that I had learned to love to cook!! 3 boys how do you have time to cook anyway. I had only 1 child and it was a girl. I am learning now that boys are entirely different!! Grandsons.


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