Line It Up: The Perfect Winged Liner Tutorial


Winged liner is “in” for fall. However,  I love winged liner and wear it no matter the season.  I’m throwing on a beanie, keeping cozy, and calling it Autumn already! So, keep on “trend” and follow my  tutorial on how to achieve the perfect winged liner.

Winged Liner


This is what I look like probably 75% of the time. I definitely do not wear makeup everyday and I go out and about like this often. But when I do wear makeup, I like to go big!

Before any makeup application, start with a clean bare face!

I’ve skipped a few in-between steps and have fast forwarded to foundation, brows, and eye-shadow being done.

Now, onto that liner!

First, my favorite liner at the moment is Jordana’s Fabuliner. It is a felt pen style liner that is very user friendly. Plus, it runs around $3 at the drugstore! Other options for achieving a great winged liner are liquid liner or a gel liner and a small angled brush.

corner of eye

Start by making a line right at the outer corner of your lid. Hold the pen towards the end of your eyebrow and draw it downward to the edge of your lashes. If you are using a felt pen style liner, you can just lay the brush down on your eye and it will make the line for you. Play around with how far out you want your wing to extended. You can go really bold or subtle depending on the look you want to achieve. If you find you are shaky, try putting your elbow on a flat surface as your draw. It may be helpful to sit while putting on your liner.

line lid

Starting in the middle of your first line, draw a line along your lashes.


You should end up with something like this. You should have a little area to fill in to connect both of your lines fully.


Fill that portion in and then tweak your line as needed.  The more you build, the bolder your line will become, so start small!

winged liner1

Et Voila! Add mascara, some liner to your tightline (the opposite of the waterline – the inside of your lashline) to hide any flesh tones , and finish the rest of your face. Perfect wings for Fall!

What other fall makeup trends are you curious about or will be trying? Let me know in the comments below!

Good luck mamas and until next time, stay beautiful!


  1. I’m going to have to try this! Winged liner is something that always seemed so intimidating to me, but your tutorial is great. Fingers crossed I can make it look as good as you do!


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